Some People believe that they should be able to keep all the money

Some People believe that they should be able to keep all the money they earn and should not have to pay tax to the state. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Every person in this world would admire to keep their earnings without any cut from the government. It is unanimously true that every person desires to keep their earning with them and they would apparently appreciate the tax extinction. But the statement is one-sided and I strongly disagree with the belief on the basis of various reasons.


The first and foremost point is that every country’s economic infrastructure is based on public earning and the taxes the government would earn, in return. Disregarding the taxes would apparently disbalance this infrastructure and thus it would greatly impact the schemes of public welfare. These schemes are initiated from time to time to enhance the standard of living of the citizens.  Additionally, tax-free earnings would deepen the gap between the economic status of the public. The creamy class would develop more steeply while the underprivileged would remain under the girth. To maintain the equilibrium of society, it is very much essential.


Furthermore, our society has already deal with the stigma of corruption, in this course of action would probably worsen the situation and all our efforts to curb down this social evil would be futile. However, it is next to impossible to satisfy the two counterparts but still, the government should form more realistic and fruitful schemes and policies so that, the various tax slabs would be beneficial to every strata of the country. The tax distinctions should be discussed in the light of the suggestions of the economist and the parties in opposition so that a more balanced workout should be implemented.


In summary, I reiterate that tax deductions are an imperative part of any country’s basic economic infrastructure. Tax-free earnings would infringe on the strength of the economic base and would hit the development of the country.

Sample 2


A developed state is the gateway to success for its citizens. Paying tax to the state has always been a
controversial topic as some people are more inclined towards keeping all the money to themselves. I
firmly disagree with this nature of being so reluctant about paying tax. I will dilate my opinion in detail in the subsequent paragraph.


To begin with, paying tax from your monthly wages is simply contributing towards a better and
developed state. It’s the need of the hour to understand that the government has limited resources which are saved for the natural calamities like earthquake, the spread of any infection, and the list is long. Moreover, it is imperative to help the government in order to experience the scenic beauty and remarkable environmental benefits.


Furthermore, the deduction of tax will surely help in educational as well as professional sectors. In this
the era of cut-throat competition whereas everyone wants to get rid of hand-to-mouth situations by earning more, there is an immense need for advanced technical equipment which can help people to enhance their skill set as it is indispensable to become the jack of all trades.


To reiterate, I believe that tax-paying should not only be your duty but also include your urge to help
the government in making the state a well developed which personifies the growth and hard work done by both citizens and state dignitaries.

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1 thought on “Some People believe that they should be able to keep all the money”

  1. Money is a piece of a paper invented by humans to buy things as per his need. Earlier we used to do barter system, it is
    like if we want something we need to give another thing in return, however in the modern age though we do have
    barter system, most preferred way to purchase any goods is money.Which is designed and valued by every nation as
    per their rules and regulations. Tax is nothing but, what we pay to the government to use the money for the welfare of
    the people by implementing such plans to help people to live in peace and harmony.Few people think that money what
    they earn is for them , they don’t like to pay a part of it as a Tax. In my opinion I neither agree or disagree on the
    statement, due to several factors which contradicts in the statement.
    Agree, Yes people should pay a small percentage of their earnings as tax to the government, so that government can
    use those for the welfare of the people.They can help the needy or plan infrastructure of the state.We can utilize these
    money for the growth and development of the country and the community dependant to it. For an example the tax
    amount is used to plan the infrastructure of the city like basic necessities, road, water, hospitals etc. Tax is the one of
    the major share government gets from its citizens to plan and implement the developments. As per the statics
    published by the government of USA during the rule of President Obama in 2015 85% of their country's development
    fund is been incurred from tax and due to which they had introduced lots of new plans to uphold the poor and
    needy.Being a citizen of a country we also have responsibility towards the country . Even these tax money helps us to
    secure our country.So in brief, tax money can help the government to introduce more programs which can support the
    Disagree, At times when we look into the issue of paying tax for our hard earned money, because every where we pay
    tax, w get salaries after salary deduction , for every goods we buy we end up paying tax. But after paying all these tax
    amount what benefit we are getting out of it is the major concern. For an example there was a bill passed in the Indian
    parliament during the budget session that every unemployed Indian would receive a particular amount for the year
    2018.So the Prime Minister requested everyone to pay their tax properly and due to this government received a huge
    tax amount in that year. However, after all these propaganda no money was spent for the unemployed nor it was used
    for the development of the country. Which in turn traumatized the citizens to a great extent. So an attitude has
    developed amongst the people that why should we pay our hard earner money as tax which is not spend for the
    welfare for the people.Hence disagreeing to the statement is also valid as per the above issues face by the people when
    they are not benefited from it, why should they pay.
    In Conclusion, Tax and money are one of the major factors which upholds both the citizen and the government. If we
    wisely use and utilize it , we can really make wonders out of it. Most of the people nowadays are really think why they
    should pay tax.Paying tax out of the hard earned money would be difficult,However it wont be a problem when the

    money which we pay as tax will be wisely and efficiently used for the welfare of the people, to support the needy.Only
    when a citizen gets such a confidence from his or her government payment of tax wont be a issue at all.

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