Talk about an energetic person that you know

Talk about an energetic person that you know

You should say
Who is this person?
How do you know this person?
Why do you think this person is energetic?
And explain how you feel about this person?

Answers of the Cue Card Talk about an energetic person that you know

Sample 1

It is rightly said that energy can neither be created nor to be destroyed but can be changed from one form to another. The same has been true at every expectation of life, even human beings. The nature of an individual is inborn and can be developed with due course time, in this point of discussion we can assume different forms of nature relaxing, optimistic, negative, visionary, dreamer, practical, energetic and list cannot be ended. Here I would like to talk about the most energetic person who actually helps in transforming his teaching energy to convert in understanding the subject among the students.

He is the person who teaches us chemistry intuition. He is the most energetic person I had ever met, and I am sure I would not meet anybody in the future who could replace him. He is the only person in our tuition center whose class remains in full attendance every weekday. His way of teaching is quite unique and interesting. Even the lowest scoring student would find the subject interesting and improve their grades. He always looks active even in late evening classes with a fully packed schedule. He never complains about the time boundation of the class and never say NO to any student who had any doubts in the chemistry.

He was a person who had the charisma of reviving the person who got a chance to meet him. One could feel refresh after meeting him. The icing on the cake is that he is a master in the subject, so the combination of intelligence and energetic nature had enhanced his personality. I don’t think so there was any student of science who did not impress by his nature and personality, So am I. I always felt delighted and overwhelmed to get a chance to study from him. I always felt lucky that I got such a good and energetic teacher in my school life who improve my chemistry and clear my doubts and thus I could score the first rank in chemistry in my school. I always have respect for him and I would never forget his energetic teaching style and helpful nature to every student of the class.


So, I met the most energetic person two years back when I was pursuing my Master’s degree. I went to college 3 hours before my class on the very first day to experience the offerings of college like club activities, sports activities. When I entered the club, I saw a girl dancing very energetically. Further, I was so stunned and shocked to see the way she was channelizing the energy. Moreover, the steps were so captivating that it ignited the passion of dance in me. However, I did not know even a single step of the dance, but I so wanted to learn it. I went up to her and asked her the insight about the dance routine and some in-depth knowledge which can surely widen the horizon of my knowledge. She told me everything and the last thing which she told me left me awestruck. That was the short tip to be a good dancer and have the right kind of energy is a healthy diet Although, This is the foremost factor for every professional and personal life balance.

The best thing she told me was to stay energetic one should always follow proper eating habits and routines. She told me about the benefits of a healthy diet in channelizing energy.

Simultaneously, I too feel that a healthy diet is essential and is the utmost source of energetic life, especially in the era of cut through a competition where everyone is struggling so much to become the jack of all trades. I feel thrilled that I met her as since that time till now, her role in making me what I am today is cardinal, especially in terms of my healthy eating habits.

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  1. According to my perception, an energetic person is that who always ready for action, either is physical or mental, a person who does not feel exhausted. Here I am going to talk about an energetic person whom I know very well. His name is Ravi. He lives next to my home. He is a tutor of an English subject in the private school. There are three members of his family. His mother passed away when he was 14 years old. From that point of time, all the onus of the house on his shoulder. He manages household chores and school work very effective way.

    In addition to this, He wakes up at 4 am. He kicks start his day with prayer and then begins with household chores such as dusting, mopping, washing clothes, and preparing food for all. He completes all this work at 6’o clock. After that, he gets ready for his job. He is an enthusiast and also very passionate about his work. He is not only a fitness freak but also does exercise and yoga on a daily basis. I know him very well because he is my neighbor for, last ten years, and I always take inspiration from him. He is a big motivation for me even though he is very busy in his personal and professional life but still maintains his physique in a better way, which is why always look upon him as my role model.

    Finally, I want to say that I feel really delighted for himself, and I always wonder how he manages everything so well. I reckon he is a brave man who manages all this very calmly.

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