Some People Say that The Educational Success of A Student Is the Result

Some people say that the educational success of a student is the result of the work of a good teacher. Others say it depends on the character of the student. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It is true that a good environment paves the way to success in the life of the learner. For this reason, the academic excellence of the students often attributes to their mentor’s guidance by many. However, another school of thought is, it is solely dependent on the outlook of an individual. This essay delves into both sides of the argument before presenting my consensus to the latter view.

To commence with, educators play a pivotal role in shaping the intellect level of their pupils. At first, they are subject experts and trained in imparting conceptual knowledge into young minds in innovative and challenging ways. To put it simply, teachers understand the needs of individual students and are persistent in their efforts, which in turn stimulates the intelligent quotient of the learners. This has been proven by Anand Kumar, a mathematical genius from the city of Patna in India, who coaches underprivileged students for India’s toughest entrance exam IIT and has a 95% success rate. Therefore, it can be inferred that a mentor can leave a significant mark on the student’s performance.

Nevertheless, I would argue with those who do not consider the dedication of the mentees in this context. A deeply motivated learner is a prerequisite of any educational accomplishment. What this means, students with a sheer amount of dedication and sincerity are more likely to excel in their studies as they work hard to achieve their goals. The best example of this is, former Indian president, Mr. Abdul Kalam, who was able to reach heights owing to his zeal and diligence. His vast knowledge of various subjects is unmatched.


To sum up, I pen down stating that, a good instructor acts as a catalyst and aids his student to excel in studies, however, it is the commitment of the learner who would eventually help to achieve educational success.

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