Some People Think that Air Travel Should Be Reduced to Protect the Environment

Some people think that air travel should be reduced to protect the environment. Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include relevant examples from your knowledge or experience.

A group of people believes traveling in the air should be limited to save the environment. I strongly respect the view. This essay will discuss using examples to demonstrate points.

To begin with, most human beings ignore the damage due to the incensement of air traveling that can negatively impact the environment. The most important thing is to reduce personal flights, which can directly influence air pollution. In-flight, they release a plethora of chemicals and carbon emissions into the air, which may highly result in the destruction of the valuable resources of the earth. This can be managed by reducing the personal trip through flights when the other possibilities are easily present in the technology of the transportation. Many types of research have proved that the number of flights has increased dramatically, especially by the wealthy citizens throughout the year within the country. With the availability of facilities like a train, this can be controlled up to some extent as locally to protect the surrounding.

On the other hand, this can be threatening to the tourism field as this causes an impact on global warming as well due to the emission from the flight stay in the atmosphere for a large period. More and more people enrolling in vocational trips around the world lead to potential harm to the climate. For instance, many scientists argued when the kerosene oil burns, the plane will release carbon dioxide and other gases into the air, which then heat the planet.

To conclude, though I agree with the statement of reducing the air traffic with the harm it can lead to the environment like major in air pollution and the global warming.

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