Some People Think that Children Should Aim Their Best at What They Are Doing

Some people think that children should aim their best at what they are doing while others believe it is not necessary for them. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

It is argued by many people that kids should always aim to do their best at whatever they do. While some believe it is not necessary for them. I agree with the opinion that children should aim at their best in any activity. This essay will discuss both views and argue to favour the first opinion.

On the one hand, children should be encouraged to aim their best at whatever they do at their earlier stage of life. This will help build them up in terms of self-confidence and determination, which will help the children achieve great things in life. For instance, it was reported by road sports magazine in 2002 in an interview with the editor that the famous football player named Samuel Eto had always aimed to become a star which prompted him to be determined and put more effort into achieving his goal.

On the other hand, the topmost effort is not compulsory for children, and they should not be border about them being at the top of their games all the time. That is to say, they are too young to understand this fact, and this lesson will be learned when they can comprehend what it means and its benefits. Secondly, mountain pressures on kids to perform excellently at all times may lead to most children avoiding challenging tasks and difficult situations.

In my opinion, kids need to focus on what so ever activities they want to do. This will aid them to achieve greater heights in individual academies and careers, also boast self-confidence and self-reliance is learnt from achieving their best.

In conclusion, some believe kids should focus on doing their best, while others believe this is not mandatory. I am of the opinion that kids need to aim for the best at all tasks. This will assist them in character-building in terms of self-confidence and reliance.

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