Some People Think That Developed Countries Have a Higher Responsibility to Combat Climate Change

Some people think that developed countries have a higher responsibility to combat climate change than developing countries. Others believe that all countries should have the same responsibilities towards protecting the environment.

We live in beautiful nature, and it is consist of many animals, birds and plants in lands and seas. Some humankind thinks that developed countries have a higher responsibility o combat climate change than developing countries, but others think that all countries should have the same responsibilities towards protecting the environment. The essay is going to discuss both points of view and present some facts related to the topic.

The developed countries are signing more treaties to combat climate change and reduce global warming on earth. The main factor is they are strong in economy and taking a decision as a guardian of other countries. In the world total of over 200 countries will come, and 193 countries took membership in the UN. The countries participation not only for economy and trade, but they should also take necessary steps and suggestions for save environment. For example, carbon emission is a major pollution problem, and it’s caused much damage to our ozone liar. The UN has published a list of countries that are main developing countries. The main point they are doing more industrialization for boosting the economy and trade. So there is no difference between developing and developed countries, we should save our nature, and it is our responsibility.

On the flip side, developed countries are mostly aligned with big cities and towns, and the people are very busy with their daily routine. The country is more industrialized, using vehicles and less natural. The mainlands are used for heavy factories and buildings rather than agriculture or farming. A study by Fresh Green Organization, New York, the major cities will face water scarcity and air pollution in the coming days. So it should take a serious issue, and more responsibility is underdeveloped countries. The countries should concentrate and protect nature on their developments, otherwise its effect to other countries people.

To recapitulate, nature is needed to survive humans and his life. People should save nature and try to get greener to earth without any barrier of the political and commercial border.

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