Some People Think That in This Today’s World, Getting Old Is Entirely Bad

Some people think that in this today’s world, getting old is entirely bad. However, other people believe that the lives of older people are much better now than they were in the past. Discuss both points of view and express your own opinion?

In the contemporary era, several people opine that living in old age is worst; however, others argue that due to advanced Medicare facilities, the life of senior citizens is worthy than past. Upcoming segments are going to elaborate both ideologies with factual examples and sum up with my personal opinion.

To embark with, it has been seen ubiquitously that older people nowadays are suffering to cope with the radical changes in modern society. Technological advancements, for instance, smartphones, are gaining roots in everyone’s life despite any age group. Seldomly do older people find it difficult to adapt, and they become dependent on others. In addition to this, altering the young generation’s attitudes, older people face challenges while interacting with them. Consequently, they feel alone, down and isolated from society. Therefore, I think at this particular age, ageing people find modern culture extremely difficult to face.

On the flip side, in some spheres of life senior citizens living standard has raised. Undoubtedly, advanced hospitals are available in numbers and provide 24×7 emergency medical facilities. Even treatment of chronic diseases is also available at a doorstep. Furthermore, the government has introduced an abundance of schemes such as a pension that helps to buy basic necessities which are unable to earn and live alone. Hence, the lifestyle of older ones is somewhat good than in previous times.

To conclude, changes are inevitable in technology as well as relationships, although to accept by older one is not easy. I believe, somehow private and public sectors are contributing via hospital services and old-age pensions to make their lives more comfortable, and to some extent, they are successful too.

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