The Company Had Arranged a Language Training

The company had arranged a language training. You and your colleagues would like to have more of such training. Write a letter to your manager requesting the same.

  • Where do you want the session to take place?
  • Why do you want more of such sessions?
  • When do you want the session to take place?

Dear Mr White,

I, along with my team, just finished the language training which was organized by the company. I am writing this letter as a gesture of appreciation for the same; however, I would also take this opportunity to request you more such initiatives. I hope you would be considerate and organize kinds of pieces of training in terms of language.

First of all, I was elated to attend a full-day training with a certified language trainer who not only enlightened my mates and me about the various aspects of the language that should be taken under consideration, but he also gave a few practical instances. Therefore, it would be really nice to arrange the advanced training at our development centre in London where many of my team members work. Besides this, they are going to be onboarded in the front-facing role with clients very soon, and this training would certainly help them a lot. From a bigger perspective, if I see it, it would be beneficial for the entire company eventually because the business team sought to have extraordinary linguistic skills while dealing with clients. Thus, I would also encourage other team members to participate in the level-2 training.

I think we would be having some free time after the 15th of December due to Christmas time and we should consider it as an opportunity to conduct the training. On top of this, the London office has a conference which is well-equipped to accommodate 50 employees at a time. If you could confirm with the trainer, then I could set up an internal call to discuss this. Would you please let me know if you need my help at any point in time?

I thank you again for such a noble thought. I Look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
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