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Some People Think That Putting High Taxes on Industries

Some People Think That Putting High Taxes on Industries

some people think that putting high taxes on industries is the best solution to reduce pollution while others think that there are other better ways to achieve it. Discuss both the sides and give your own opinion.

A number of people opines that imposing heavy duties on manufacturing units is an impressive measure to control pollution ;however, others view that using eco friendly products and less use of plastic based products are better. Upcoming segments are going to illustrate both perspectives with factual examples and sum up with my personal opinion.

To embark with, factually burgeoning industrialization has big hands in rapidly growing pollution all the world over. As such, people believe, if authorities introduce strict fines and penalties then up to some extent soaring population could be under control. With regular intervention of ministries big firms will check their carbon ministri and waste produced by their operations. Consequently, in sake of paying high amount of duties they will reduce pollution and tries to maintain it up to certain standards. Hence, putting fines could be a wise idea.

However, there are plethora of other measures that could be adopted to resort this situation. Use of eco friendly products must be an effective step. To exemplify, last year Germany introduced electronic bikes and notice that this year the air pollution is reduced by 10% then previous year. In addition to this, plastic is an non degradable element that emits C O2 when burns. As such, products made up of plastic should be banned, elsewhere people should put attention to their plastic footprints. These are a few simple initiatives but worth taking.

To conclude, I believe penalties might force companies to meet minimum pollution standards; However, promoting eco friendly commodities and lessen the use of plastic products will help to flatten the curve of this menace.

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