Some People Think that Technological Development Has Made Life Complex

Some people think that technological development has made life complex. The Only possible solution is not to use technology to live a simple life. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1 Some People Think that Technological Development Has Made Life Complex

It has been argued by a few people that technology has made the life of human being hard. The only solution to avoid this complexity is to lead a simple life without using it. I thoroughly disagree with the statement as it has strengthened their relationships with others and it has provided a better living standard for people.

First, Automation has made relationships between people and their loved ones. To elaborate, people now have access to social networking sites. They can make a call and send messages to them even while sitting in any corner of the world. Therefore, people remain in touch with their kith and kin. Thus a long distance gets fails to weaken their bonding. People feel at ease even if they receive or send a message about the well-being of others. For instance, during corona pandemic, technology was the only hope for victims to talk with their near and dear ones. Many people rebuilt their faith in life after getting motivation and consultation through social websites. So, without technology, life is not possible.

Besides, it has ameliorated the living standard of the public. To explicate it, now people are enjoying a luxurious life as they have personal cars to move to and fro. They don’t need to wait for buses. Even flights have made it easy for them to have lunch in Paris and dinner in London. For instance, earlier people were leading a hard life without technology. They used to go on foot and could not even imagine going Overseas, but now they are leading a comfortable life. They are happier than in their past life. In addition, they have improved their lives with the help of education. Now they have attained high titles. Education was a luxury for some, but now it is for everyone.


To conclude, thus it is clear that life without technology is problematic as it plays an essential role in making the bonding of people strong and it has also made the life of people better by providing essential facilities, which are adequate to lead a comfortable life such as education, transportation and to name but a few.

Sample 2 Some People Think that Technological Development Has Made Life Complex

Due to the advent of technology, our life undergoes a drastic change. A couple of people believe that life is simple and easygoing without technology, while the involvement of the latest equipment makes our life hard. I disagree that the simple way is the only solution, and this essay will discuss how machinery has made technology and transportation.

The foremost argument to justify my stand is that internet usage has increased, and we use different machines to complete our daily life activities. To explain, when humans go to a restaurant to have eatable items quickly instead of waiting in a long queue. For instance, there are many grocery stores across the country, but however numerous people order things with smartphones through the internet owing to the fact that each individual thinks that machines are helpful to save time and effort. As a result, they prefer kiosk machines and drive-throughs to order food.

Another important factor which has to be considered is that continuous science research has impressed the nation with all its latest advancements and provides feasibility and ease in everyday life, to elaborate, the latest and fastest means of transportation make individual life easy as one can travel without any hassle. Smartphones connect to each other and are the easiest mode to receive information all around the world. Along with that, electronic devices make life heaven, for example, vacuum, electronic blender, coffee machines and electronic stones. Although, it makes the nation lazy, and less activity is performed by each individual, which raises several health concerns.

On the other hand, in the early days, everyone lived their life due to the non-availability of amenities and had more time to spend with family, and ladies performed their household chores manually. As a result, everything was pure and hygienic, as well as free from preservatives. All of the above illustrations clearly state that life was not easy at an early age, and humans suffer and work hard more than the present generation.

To conclude, I agree that advanced automation makes everything so easy that you can do anything at your fingertips. However, a person should not depend on these gadgets entirely as this can cause severe health concerns in the long run for future generations. Everyone should balance their routine accordingly and also perform some tasks manually to keep themselves more active.

Sample 3 Some People Think that Technological Development Has Made Life Complex

While it is true that technological development has brought about many new challenges and complexities, I do not believe that the only solution to these challenges is to reject technology and attempt to live a completely simple life.

Technological development has certainly made our lives more complex in many ways. We are now more connected than ever before, with access to an incredible amount of information and communication tools. This can be overwhelming at times, and it can be difficult to navigate the constant stream of notifications, emails, and messages that demand our attention. Additionally, technology has brought about new forms of distraction, such as social media and video games, that can take away from our ability to focus on more meaningful tasks.

However, I do not think that the answer is to completely reject technology and attempt to live a simple life. While technology can be overwhelming and distracting, it has also brought about many incredible benefits and advancements. For example, technology has revolutionized medicine and healthcare, making it possible to diagnose and treat illnesses that were previously untreatable. It has also made our lives more convenient and efficient, allowing us to automate many tedious tasks and save time.

Instead of rejecting technology altogether, I believe that the key is to use it mindfully and intentionally. We can use technology to enhance our lives while still being mindful of its potential downsides. This means setting boundaries around our technology use, such as limiting our screen time or turning off notifications during certain periods of the day. It also means using technology in a way that aligns with our values and priorities rather than allowing it to dictate how we spend our time and attention.

In conclusion, while technological development has certainly made our lives more complex in many ways, I do not believe that the only solution is to reject technology altogether. Instead, we can use technology mindfully and intentionally, in a way that aligns with our values and priorities, to enhance our lives without becoming overwhelmed by its constant demands.
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