Some Scientists Think That Computers Will Soon Become More Intelligent Than Humans

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Some scientists think that computers will soon become more intelligent than humans. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

In the modern world, technology devices are extremely famous such as computers, laptops, mobile phones. Those items can make your life more comfortable and easier. That’s why some scientist experts might think that computers will become more talented than human beings in the near future. From my perspective, I agree that sooner or later, computers can replace humans because they are faster and accurate.

Computer devices play the main role in business and science fields. Their functions are rapid compared to humans. People can use computers for many different purposes such as Microsoft Offices, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, in order to make jobs easier and faster to

complete the tasks. It’s not only for jobs, but computers also support students to study online as well as they can use computers to do their assignments and dissertation quicker. For example, most school programs have online courses or classes so that without computers or laptops, they might have to spend more time going to the campus every class that they attend. Therefore, computers are a fundamental tool that people could use both at work and school to save plenty of their time.

In addition, computers are more accurate than humans. As we know that, the higher technology is, the more functions in computers we can utilize. While computers are not perfect, they might make fewer mistakes than a human. However, computers have auto-correction that can help people to notice right away. For instance, students could use Microsoft Office word for their essays, and the computers can adjust their mistakes by seeing the red underline under the words or sentences that they write. This includes grammar errors and article mistakes. So, people would increase the chance to write an essay more accurate than before.

To conclude, according to some scientists, they tend to think that in the future computers will be more useful than humans. In my opinion, I believe that computers have more special functions than humans because they are more rapid and more accurate.

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