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Some People Think that The Government Should Strictly Control the Supply of Fresh Water

Some People Think that The Government Should Strictly Control the Supply of Fresh Water

Some people think that the government should strictly control the supply of fresh water, as it is a limited resource, while others it should not be regulated. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

Sample 1 Some People Think that The Government Should Strictly Control the Supply of Fresh Water

Scrutinizing the contemporary era, the consumption of freshwater is very controversial. A number of individuals believe that they are not limited in water usage and may use it as much as they want, whereas other things that authorities need to restrict that valuable resource. From my perspective, the issue of H2o scarcity is getting increasingly serious, so certain measures should be taken to avoid this emerging crisis. The point of view will be examined.

On the one hand, it is commonly believed that people consume fresh water freely without awareness. The most important reason is that people believe that they have paid for the water bill, so they should be able to use the service as much as they want. To illustrate this, in recent news, it has been reported that the water companies have been providing 80% of clean water to the household for many years. The companies have increased service charges every year; therefore, that may make people think about whether it is right to use what they have paid for.

On the other hand, it seems to me that the sources of freshwater are limited. So the government should restrict freshwater consumption. For example, according to the latest study conducted by Bangkok University, it was revealed that water covers about 71% of the earth’s surface. But only 3% of that water is freshwater. Furthermore, some sources of that are not even clean water or usable. In the long term, if we continue to use fresh water without awareness, we will lack fresh water in the future. Consequently, the government should make the restriction on using fresh water in the household and industries and also educate people to be aware of the lack of fresh water. I agree with this point because the government has the power to restrict fresh water consumption.

In conclusion, having considered both sides of this topic, although people have the right to consume fresh water in their daily living as much as they want, I agree with those who think that the government should make restrictions to control using water. I strongly support that as the resources of fresh water are limited.

Sample 2 Some People Think that The Government Should Strictly Control the Supply of Fresh Water

Some individuals conceive it believes that fresh water should be provided under some restrictions because of its scarcity, whereas others oppose that its supply should not be controlled. I will elaborate on both perspectives, but I believe it is the only way to save fresh water by monitoring its usage.

The prime cause for freshwater not being supplied limitlessly is the lack of water resources. As the rising population overconsumes it, the natural sources of freshwater, such as lakes, rivers, ponds, and others, are being obsoleted. In India, for instance, some proveniences, which lie in tropical areas, are facing the issue of scarcity of water for domestic as well as agricultural purposes. Therefore, it is recommended that water supplies should be regulated by the legal authorities to save the existing water bodies.

On the flip side, opponents of controlling the water supply think it is a basic need for every person to live alive. If the government does not supply water adequately, then people will die from hunger and dehydration. Fresh water is not only used for cooking food but also helps to clean the vegetables to get prevented gastric infections. For example, thousands of individuals are dying out from dehydration in the Sahara desert due to the unavailability of fresh water. Ultimately, fresh water should be provided to each residential place to save civilians. In my view, it has become necessary to lessen the overconsumption of drinking water because many water resources, including groundwater, are being vigorously diminished.

In conclusion, although water is the most required element for the human body, waste decreases its volume regularly. Therefore, the official legal advisor should take some strict steps to limit its supply.

Sample 3 Some People Think that The Government Should Strictly Control the Supply of Fresh Water

Water is a life-saving component, but drinkable fresh water is very limited. A quote from an English poem is that “Water, water, everywhere, not a drop to drink”. However, the natural supply of fresh water is underground water, which is not an unlimited resource. That is why it is argued whether the fresh water supply should be restricted. Despite this, I believe it should be closely monitored, and the essay will discuss why.

There are several reasons why the authority concerned should tighten the supply of fresh water. Firstly, underground water is not a limitless resource; if people lift the water and set up deep tube-well, it would be depleted soon. As a result, it would produce significant environmental damage. For example, excessive water consumption might erode underground soil layers or soil plates. Due to lack of water, it would be dried up, which might occur even in an earthquake. Moreover, trees and plants might suffer from dehydration, which hinders them from producing food and oxygen, which might cause serious environmental damage. Furthermore, if the underground water gets reduced, it might occur droughts, which might hamper crop production. As a result, famine might also break out. Hence, it is very explicit that the natural supply of water should be strictly regulated.

On the other hand, it is also true that the demand for drinking water for the increasing population should also be met; because it is not possible to live without water. However, there are other alternative ways to make sure of adequate water for people. First of all, the government might set up a water purifier plant, which can produce gallons of drinking water by processing river water. Moreover, gigantic reservoirs can be built to hold the rainwater, which is a great source of fresh water. Furthermore, the authority might distribute water purifier drugs to people. Not to mention that nowadays, modern water filters are available in the market by which people can sterilize the water. Apart from that, people can also boil water to disinfect it. Eventually, to protect the environment, we must adopt these mechanisms.

In conclusion, we should not merely think of ourselves; rather, we must build a sustainable world for the next generation and protect the environment. If we take care of our atmosphere, no doubt it will give us a livable world. This is why the government should help reduce environmental damage by imposing regulations on freshwater supply.

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