Some People Think That Traveling Abroad Is an Important Experience for Youngsters

Some people think that traveling abroad is an important experience for youngsters. Others think that involves too much time and expenses. Discuss both perspectives And give your opinion.

People like to explore a new place; some also migrate to another country for different reasons. Some people believe that for young generation travel foreign countries is paramount experience and its aids in further life. At the same time, others argued that it is a waste of money and precious time. Bothe the notion carries its own pros and cons; therefore, before commenting on my decision, my inclination will be justified in the following paragraphs along with a logical conclusion and my opinion.

On the one hand, today’s youth is our future, and we desire a bright future. Experience plays a significant role in anyone’s life; it succors to live a better life and handle critical situations. Traveling abroad is a good experience for teenagers, where they can learn from other cultures and their traditions. They meet different people and make new friends. Furthermore, in foreign countries people live quality of life and developed infrastructure hence, teenagers live there and get a healthy salary.

On the other hand, traveling and foreign countries is costly; living there and traveling to different parts of that country is expensive. For visitors visiting there also requires lots of time. In addition, a myriad of youth move abroad for education; however, they enjoy life and waste families’ paramount resources such as money and precious time. Moreover, for traveling on a stranger area, basic requirements are the Erudition of it or with the person who has it although youth age is lower and incapable of handling critical tribulation.

To end with, it has debating between abroad traveling; some believe that is good for teenagers especially as experience while others feel that it is waste of resources. After discussing both notions, I believe that youth can learn from there and also aid their development, those who travel for enjoyment purposes waste time and money.

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