Describe an Art and Craft Activity That You Had

Describe an art and craft activity that you had. You should say

  • What you made?
  • How do you make it?
  • What it looked like?
  • And how you felt about the activity?

Well, I have not always been interested in art and craft activities; but, I was more interested in a creative writing competition. I still remember the day when I was a school going girl, and at that time, my teacher assigned me a task that was to make a collage. I was spellbound to hear the words to make a collage, but with the help of my brother, I made a beautiful family tree craft. Really it created something new in my mind, like what colours I should use and how to design a tree?

Let me tell you that I traced and cut the shape of a tree and glued it to the papers; then, I wrote the names of my family as well as of my relatives on apple cut-outs and glued the apples to the tree. It looked like a golden Apple tree. The next day when I showed it to my teacher, my teacher was surprised to see beautiful work and really appreciated my efforts. Although the shape of the apples was not in symmetry but as a child, it was brilliant work.

These words of my teacher really stimulated me to create more things with my own imagination. Since then, I started to participate in every art competition either I have poor art skills, but the thing of participation motivated me, and I felt happier in my school days.


Part 3 Follow-Ups of Describe an Art and Craft Activity That You Had

Question 1:- What kinds of traditional handicrafts are there in your country?

Well, there are different kinds of traditional Handicrafts like Phulkari Baagh, Pashmina Shawls, Brass, pottery, and to name but a few. People earn their livelihood by traditionally making things. Although in this modernization age, the popularity of traditional things has not faded. Even today, people like to have traditional items at their home. In this way, they remain attached to their culture or traditions.

Question 2:- Should children learn more about art? / What are the benefits of making handcrafts?

Yes, of course, children must learn about art activities because it has immense benefits to them. Children can enhance their creativity or imagination. They will have finer Motor skills, and they can remain away from stress. If in their later periods of life, they are not able to get a satisfactory job and if they would have such skills; then, they can earn well by selling these items that they will make with their hands because the trend of making traditional items is evergreen. So I think children must learn artwork not only to earn profits when they grow up but to keep themselves away from stress.

Question 3:- Why do some people think it is difficult to understand art?

People don’t understand artwork because they have no emotions. They may either have no pity or aesthetic sense. Another reason maybe they don’t visit Art Galleries or Art Museum where they can get a chance to see the great works of the great artist. So visiting such places can enhance their aesthetic sense. In addition, lack of time doesn’t allow them to think beyond their work. So is the reason that is a great hindrance in knowing about the artwork.

Question 4:- What can we do to make young people pay more attention to traditional art?

Creating awareness among people about traditional artwork can be a big assistance in making traditional artwork alive. Apart from it, local councils can arrange a visit to a museum or galleries at their own cost so that people can’t feel the burden of paying fair to these places and they can enjoy their visit to art museums. When they will actually see these art galleries, then definitely they will appreciate the traditional way of making things. Even though people have become modernized, they still have an inner feeling of wearing traditional items at weddings or birthdays. So the love for traditional items can be created among people by developing their interest in knowing about more art items. So this can be done with the help of local councils and multimedia.

Question 5:- Do you think art should be included in school curriculums? Why?

Yes, of course, art activities should be included in the school syllabus because artwork can enhance multi-skills of children like they will have more finer Motor skills. They will appreciate artwork, and they will have a more caring nature for their surroundings. In addition, they can become great painter musician. So this thing will make them independent. Out of many benefits, they will remain stress-free because school children remain stress due to overwork. They feel more burden by their syllabus. So artwork can release their burden, and they can give their better output that can give better results, so for their all-around development, artwork must be included in the school curriculum.

Question 6:- Have you attended any lessons about art?

Yes, I had attended when I was a school-going girl; at that time, there was a lecture on art and craft in which students were given some materials to make something new, so I attended lessons and learned to build something new. I made a family tree collage as well as a golden tree by using origami papers. So I learnt a lot of things when I was attending the lectures, and still, I have a nostalgic feeling whenever I think about those days when I got lessons on art and craftwork.

Question 7:- What have you learned from these lessons?

I had learnt a lot of things when I attended these lessons, like I enhanced my imagination as well as creativity. In addition, I learnt how to recycle things. I made a lot of things with ice cream sticks. I still remember that I made a ship with ice cream sticks and presented it at the morning assembly of my school. So this thing also motivated other students to use waste material to make something new.

Question 8:- Do people in your country send handicrafts as gifts?

If I talk about earlier times, then it was considered outdated to give handicraft items as a gift to near and dear ones. Still, now people feel glad to receive handcraft items, especially necklace earrings and other usable items that they can use in their routine. So now it is quite popular to receive a gift in the form of traditional items. I think this is the best idea to revive traditional culture and develop healthy feelings for others and people will remain attached with their roots.

Question 9:- What do young people think of traditional handicrafts?

Young people consider traditional Handicrafts, is a great blessing for them because now in this time of recession, when they are losing their jobs, and they have no work to earn money, then they think this traditional artwork can help them in earning their livelihood, and they have no need for the mercy of others. They can raise their head high in society because now old is back, and people pay a hefty amount to purchase old items. People can live independently. In addition, traditional artwork builds the good reputation of a country in the international arena.

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