Talk About a Bad Experience You Had with Your Teacher

Talk about a bad experience you had with your teacher

  • When was it?
  • Who was the teacher?
  • What exactly happened?
  • How did you feel about it?

Sample 1 Talk About a Bad Experience You Had with Your Teacher

I don’t have any bad experiences with a teacher. I have always remained one of my favourite students. But once, I had a bad experience with my Principal.

I want to speak about that. I was in my 10th standard. In India, we have board exams in our 10th. My maths lecturer was a slow teacher in school. About just two weeks were remaining for midterms.

And my Principal announced mock exams. All the students were frustrated, along with me. As I mentioned, It was the favourite among lectures and the choice of the Principal. All my classmates asked me to ask the Principal to cancel mocks as we needed time for studying.

But She disagreed and got angry with me. She got so agitated that she declared that only the next day would the lecture be taken by my maths professor and the rest of the days would be a holiday. I was terrified to see her anger at that time. It was a once-in-blue-moon experience for me.

Sample 2 Talk About a Bad Experience You Had with Your Teacher

Well, I completed my graduation in recent years, and I made several types of teachers in my life. Some are very polite, and some have a lot of talents. Apart from this, some behave arrogantly, but most teachers are polite.

But here, I would like to talk about a bad experience with my mentor. It was around three years before when I am pursuing my when I was pursuing my BTech, and I was at least almost in the 8th semester. And it was a semester of our projects. We had to submit our projects, and we had a lot of experiments with smartphones.

There was the assistant of the Laboratory, that is. Raman Kumar was around 30 years old. Short height, thick, and look ugly. I mean, he wears dresses like the shirt’s buttons are always open as well as the shirt is. It is not stuck correctly.

I was performing my accident, and I mean experiment. And he just came to me and said that you are not performing well, I will give you Bad grades if you are acting like this, I said. I’m afraid I have to disagree with him that I am performing Bell, and I suddenly smell Ellie entirely like he was. He was drunk and. He was behaving very well, very badly with me.

Apart from this, everyone noticed me, and I felt ashamed, but after some time, I lost my time and got angered. Angered him like also there that you have drunk and. You are taking our experiments.

Furthermore, I also complained about his complaints. I also complained to our principal, who was investigated for around three years by the college. This was bad and arrogant expect. I can say that it was a bad as well as the worst experience of my life with a mentor.

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