Talk About a Rule that You Like to Follow: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Talk about a rule that you like to follow

  • What rule was it?
  • Who imposed this rule?
  • How did you feel about this rule?
  • And explain how this rule helped the class.

Sample Answer of Talk About a Rule that You Like to Follow

There are different types of rules in educational institutes, and some people like to some children’s love to follow the rules. And the rules help them to make Pancho as well as they also have them to be dressed up good or to be.

Always arranged here. I want to talk about a rule that I like about you. I wanted to follow when I was there and in school. The government was following the timetable. The timetable was. And it was given by our class teacher, and everything, like all lectures, is arranged in a timeline.

Moreover, whenever a lecture is missed, or a teacher is missed. This is the end. To be. If people are informed. Informed us about the lectures and gave us information that a teacher was not present.

Moreover, everyone loves to follow this rule. Because, because this role, learn about. Give our knowledge about many things, like being punctual as well as being. Being always managed. I like to follow this rule because of several reasons.

First of all, this rule helped me to make. To make my all to arrange my things properly, like my duties, or my. Files. Moreover, I also love this role because it also helped me to. Complete my work on a proper time. Same. The same was the case of students.

They also help them to arrange their things in a proper way. Moreover, because of implementing these rules, every person became punctual. And they also are on time for the classes. So this is a rule which I like to follow.

Part 3 Questions Talk About a Rule that You Like to Follow

Question 1:- Why do schools make rules?

Answer – There are several reasons because of which define that vice struggle is educational institutes make rules. First of all, education systems. One to make their children’s Pancho and learn about life’s basic ethics. Wearing. Wearing a uniform helper help students to reduce or to eliminate the difference between poor and rich. Apart from this, following the timetable in the classes help students to be punctual and to complete their work on time. So because of these reasons, schools make rules.

Question 2:- What’s the importance of obeying the law?

Answer – Well, from my perspective. Is it essential for every person further? For certain reasons? First of all, if a person is following a rule, he learns something and thinks about it.

Question 3:- Is it a good thing to break the rules sometimes?

Answer – Yes, in my perspective, it is a good thing to break the rules, or to break the rules, because they make us. Sometimes rule make us bound. And it is not helpful every time. Moreover, some people love to break the rules because they are. Because it kicked them as well as it is mandatory to break it.

Question 4:- Why do some people say that rules are made to be broken?

Answer – The notion of some peaceful persons is due to several reasons. First of all, they think that the rules are not. Not for them, or they will break their freedom. Moreover, they also find that rules are only to bind them, as well as only to make them weak, like in schools. There is a rule of, and there is a rule of attending all the classes or opening our lectures. But it’s not mandatory to go away because everyone has their interest.

Question 5:- Do you think it is necessary for children to wear school uniforms?

Answer – I think it is very important for children to wear school uniforms. Because wearing off to a school uniform, helps Help you pills to learn basic skills. Symbol of equality. Dress up well as well. Making the arms stronger, or making them able to wear to be late and clean. So because of these reasons, I think children must wear school uniforms.

Question 6:- Are the rules at school good or bad? Why?

Answer – Well, it’s a panda for the person, the person. Some people find rules. It meant very important. And some people find it just a formality. For example, in schools, certain rules are not good, like everyone has to pay. Everyone has to pay or participate in the Carnival or sometime in the festivals. But they are, but they are also taking a lot of money from us. Then why? Why do we have to pay? It’s a quotient that arrives for everyone. Moreover, there are some good rules, like punctuality, wearing a good uniform, and a polling timetable.

Question 7:- How are people punished when parking at the wrong spot?

Answer – Well, in my country, if I’m not mistaken, people are punished in two ways. Two ways. First of all, the authorities will. They told their car, and they took it into their custody. And people have to go or arrive at a certain destination, fill in a fine, and take their car back. Moreover, in many countries, there are some other rules, like people, police or police, or Kadda, Pulse Khada, a charge of that. And they put a fine on them. So by this, people are punished when they park in the wrong spot.

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