Talk About a Childhood Photograph You Do Not Like: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Talk about a childhood photograph you do not like.

  • What was it?
  • When it was clicked?
  • Why did you not like it?
  • Do you have it now with you?

Sample 1

Photography plays a significant role in the life of the individuals because it is the kind of memory we have to see and remember all the time and the photographs on time taken to preserve our memories for a long time and young children are especially curious to get photographs and here I would like to talk about a time when my elder sister took my photograph by mistake when I was a child which I don’t like that photo. I vividly remember the time when I got the summer vacation from my school, so my family made the plan a short trip to the mountains, so we were excited to visit that kind of place because it was my first trip moreover we also bought a special photographing camera from the online website. After all, we think we need to do a lot of activities over there and will capture all the moment with a camera so after a lot of suggestions we bought a professional camera. Further in the start, we did a lot of activities, and so the ambience over there was too realistic. After that, I had an issue with my sister. I wanted to take some photographs of the scenery, but my sister was willing to take photographs by herself so just like and 10 minutes before the shoot I had a fight with my sister for some reason during which we pulled each other hairs and one can see my completely messed up here this is not all so by chance the camera and took a shot of my picture the picture was it unimaginable because in the photo my eyes were closed because I blinked at a wrong time, last but not least my teeth were came out team out in bad shape that was the embarrassing moment for me. After that, when I tried to see those pics, I was scared the first time because that pic looked not mine, and my parents made a lot of fun of me at home, which I can’t forget. Overall it is one photograph that I don’t like.

Sample 2

There are so many childhood memories which I want to cherish throughout my lifetime. However, there are some photographs which I have clicked some years back, and I’m not really fond of them, and today I want to talk about one such picture which my parents had clicked when we visited a zoo. I was one or two years old background a good background in a zoo, and we were standing just conclusion of a lion and a lion. I was really scared, and it was so ferocious when we clicked that photo, so whenever I see that photo, I am really annoyed, and it creates a lot of negative emotions in me because when that photo was taken, and my parents were really irritated with me that I was not listening to them and it was a continuous experience of Crescent annoying normally. I believe that childhood memories should be beautiful. However, this is one such memory which I don’t want to remember or cherish throughout my life. Fortunately, I still have that photo with me whenever we photo. This photograph is the one which I really hate so much however my parents like it.

Follow-ups of Talk About a Childhood Photograph You Do Not Like

Question 1:- What kinds of pictures do people like to take?

Answer 1:- There are numerous situations in which people like to take a Photos in their day to day lives when people prefer to visit many historical places or mountains they always capture all the moments in the camera, and a member holds the time for future this kind of nostalgia which people remember every time Indian gadgets or after all majority of people like to take a picture of birds scenery trees and any kind of mesmerizing views which makes them happy.

Answer 2:- Generally, people prefer taking photos whenever they go on any trip because they want to cherish the memories are throughout their lifetime and mostly I believe that people would be on top of the world when they take such kinds of vacations in this generation people are randomly clicking photos whenever they go to offers or during their commute and if even if there are some small gathering in their houses or at workplaces.

Question 2:- Who collects more pictures of children on their birthdays or adults on their birthdays?

Answer 1:- In the term of children’s birthdays always friends and parents like to take a picture of them because birthday a person is always busy with their work and they don’t have time to capture that moment even friends also give a helping hand to capture that moment in their cameras, but on the other side in the term of orders. birthday I think children show their interest to take pictures of their parents as well as senior citizens.

Answer 2:- I believe that our parents prefer taking photographs of their kids during their birthdays because, in the current generation, others are not so interested in clicking photos. Even if they do, they take very few snaps, and they upload them on the social media, and I think that just for the sake of showing it to others, they Click photos, whereas if they Click photos of their kids, then it is really important that they cherish throughout their lifetime and it is also a very good memory.

Question 3:- What are the methods of saving past memories nowadays?

Answer 1:- One of the foremost useful ways turns to preserve the memories in our mobile phones or professional cameras because this sort of equipment provides numerous amenities for mobile users. People can avail themselves of the benefits of that technology and store all the data on their mobile phones. Some people are keen to store their data on their laptop as well as desktop, which provides ample storage without any hassle and saves any kind of large videos over there.

Answer 2:- The tricky question because there are so many ways of collecting memories which we experience on a day-to-day basis. For example, there are so many applications which can be installed on electronic gadgets, such as a gallery of videos accept, and we can save them whenever we want. Some other social media platforms, such as Facebook and WhatsApp, where we can upload a photograph, and they will be saved, and there are some features also where early once we get a memory of these kinds of collections.
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