Describe a Natural Disaster in Your Area: Recent Speaking Test

Describe a natural disaster in your area. You should say:

  • What it was?
  • When it was?
  • What exactly happened?
  • How has it affected your area?

Sample 1

Natural calamities affect people’s life badly, and it gives bad memories for their lifetime. Here I am going to share my memory about the flood which had occurred in my state in the year 2018. It was raining continuously for more than 5days. People were not able to move out of their houses to buy food and commodities. After a few days, the dams and reservoirs were getting filled fastly. Later the authorities decided to open the dam; hence floods occurred in the whole state. As the water was allowed to move out at a time, it affected the lives of people in the worst way. Moreover, many people had lost their lives and houses as well. They were relocated to different areas. Houses were getting filled with water. In most of the homes, people were staying on the second floor or terrace. When the situation became worse, They were moved out of their homes by helicopters. However, the youths and old alike had actively engaged in overcoming this disaster. They had started camps and arranged food and commodities to help the needy. People were staying in the camps during that time. It was a time when the whole state stood together to overcome the flood disaster. Even though people had lost their dear ones and homes, we had overcome the situation, and people came to know the reality that everything can be solved if we stand together in difficult times. I think these calamities are occurring because of human activities being done to the environment. Hence we should take measures to save the environment.

Sample 2

So today, I want to talk about one of the natural disasters which we have faced in my area always a big concern to our lifestyle, and it also impacts their livelihood on a major scale. I have faced one such kind of disaster in my life, and that was the cyclones. So it was around December 2015, 7 years ago, when there was a huge downpour for more than a week. For the first two days, we did not have; however, on the third day, it increased drastically, and the complete city was flooded with water. So many relief measures were organised by the NGO as well as by the government, but we couldn’t stop it in my area there are so many lakes, and fortunately, these lakes were flooded, and it was spread to all the other regions, so image 28 had led to the cut down of a communication system we did not have Wi-Fi signals for today’s the power was both should not keep up the power and due to the heavy flood we had to communication wires and all the trees had been uprooted.

Follow-ups of Describe a Natural Disaster in Your Area

Question 1:- What do you mean by natural hazards?

Answer 1:- Natural hazards are periods when it affects people in the worst manner. People might lose their lives and homes and would not be able to get food and water. In another way, we can say that it is the outcome of the actions that have been done to destroy the environment. The environment reacts back when it is pushed to its critical state.

Answer 2:- I believe that Angels which are occurred naturally from the environment are called natural hazards. For example, a Tsunami or earthquake is a typical natural hazard, and these hazards are caused without any intervention by mankind. It happens naturally from the atmosphere on the ground levels of the earth.

Question 2:- Have you encountered any natural calamity in your life?

Answer 1:- Even though I had not experienced natural disasters in my life, my state had gone through a flood calamity in 2018. I was in Bangalore at that time. But my family was here. I was tensed and stressed during that 7days period. I was watching all the updates on the news and reports on TV as we were not able to call our families as electricity was interrupted during those days.

Answer 2:- Of course, I have faced so many natural calamities and wildlife, and these include earthquakes and Tsunami cyclones during my childhood days; India was majorly impacted by the tsunami, and I was in school days, I guess, and we had the Beat just half an hour before the tsunami, and it was a major escape from such a disaster.

Question 3:- Why the world faces more natural disasters in this present era than in the past time

Answer 1:- we can say that it is the outcome of the actions that have been done to destroy the environment. The environment reacts back. When it is pushed to its critical state. In the past, people were not doing activities that could harm the environment. Also, pollution was less in the old days. Nowadays, people are deliberately dumping the wastes into rivers, streams and hence the pollutants enter the water cycle through the water table, and it remains tainted for longer periods of time

Answer 2:- I feel that it is because of the changes in the environment you know these human beings they want to establish so many buildings constructor organisations infrastructure development of proves Hero all these kinds of urbanisation has led to the forest deforestation sources of all these changes have been made it eventually affect the natural vegetation and normally the forest protect us from these kinds of calamities but since to expand themselves all over the world there cutting down all the trees leads to Mini disaster in future as well.

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