Talk About a Famous Person that You Are Interested In

Talk about a famous person that you are interested in

  • Who this person is,
  • How do you know about this person,
  • What sort of life they had before they became famous,
  • How this person became famous,
  • Why do you like this person

Sample 1:- Talk About a Famous Person that You Are Interested In

Well, there are many renowned personalities, who have got success by dint of their hard work dedication as well as positivity. Here I would like to speak about a famous personality Elon Musk. He is a popular worldly figure, and I got to know about this personality, when I was surfing on the Internet then suddenly I started to search world’s famous personalities, and I read a lot about Bill Gates and many others, but when I read the biography of Elon Musk, I was really impressed by his success. It’s a very surprising thing because the person has attained a huge success, but he had a terrible childhood, and it was written that in his school, he had been teased by other students, but he never regretted it. He got success by doing hard work and his passion for exploring new things. He is co-founder of Tesla company which produces electric cars, as well as Space X and the Boring company too. These innovations made him a more successful person. I am greatly inspired by him because he had seen many ups and downs in his life, but he had a dream to make it easy for every person to have a flight in space, which otherwise was not possible because it needs huge expenses. So his passion for doing welfare works as well as honesty for this job is really commendable. So these all things make him like more.

Sample 2:- Talk About a Famous Person that You Are Interested In

The famous person I know about or I can think about is a Korean actor. His name is Hyun bin, and he is a very popular actor. The first time I watched a series which is crash landing on you I thought who this fabulous actor is and then I searched and came to know that he is Hyun bin. He is living a very simple life before he became an actor. I came to know about him because I was very curious to know him. So I googled him and checked what does he do? Or how he became so famous?. Previously, he was just into studies and had a higher IQ. He then opted to become a model and then came into the industry. His first two or three series wasn’t much popular, but gradually this particular drama received a huge amount of love and praise from all the world because of his acting and his charming looks. Like is I said, he got his first breakthrough in this drama, and all the girls were head over heels. I, too, am one of them. I love him because of his looks and the way he is a gentleman towards his fiançe and take care of his family. I love his nature and how he supports his other crew members so that everything goes smoothly and there is no rivalry amongst them.

Follow ups Talk About a Famous Person that You Are Interested In

Question 1:- What are the advantages of being famous?

Answer 1:- The person who becomes famous is respected everywhere. They are given special treatment by the elite class. Moreover, they get many privileges compared to others, like getting VIP tickets to any concert or festival.

Answer 2:- I think people get more attention and love and respect because of the work they do. They also get recognized by the first work they do, which people love and remember them by that name or the deed which they do. Also, I personally think that they don’t have to wait in a queue to get their done or if they want to have lunch. They just waltz through and have that work done.

Question 2:- What are the disadvantages of being famous?

Answer 1:- If a person is very famous, then he would have no privacy because people lunatically chase those personalities. They don’t even give a space to them to have a sigh of relief, and famous personalities all the time have to show themselves goody. They sometimes repress their desires, and they can’t live their life freely in public.

Answer 2:- There are also some disadvantages to being famous. They do not have a personal life, no matter how much they try to hide it. There is someone or the other always looking into their lives and finding out what they are up to. Even if they want to have a personal meeting with their families, it is always written on a blog or on the news, and because of it, they suffer from health issues just because they couldn’t keep it personal.

Question 3:- Should famous personalities have a personal life?

Answer 1:- Yes, famous personalities should have a personal life. They are also human beings. The difference is that they become prominent personalities, so people consider them all the time to be in a well-mannered position. They don’t understand that they also want to live their life as a common man, so I think people should leave them to lead their personal life.

Answer 2:- Yes, I think each and individual should have their personal life no matter how big or small that celebrity is. Like we always want privacy, they need to. They want to spend some quality time, and they need to cherish those moments which they feel they don’t want to share with others. However, they should have this personal life. It is not right to always look into what they are up to 24/7.

Question 4:- Which qualities should a famous person have?

Answer 1:- A famous person has many good qualities like dedication, commitment, politeness as well as positivity. If a person has all these keys, then nobody can stop him from getting success.

Answer 2:- Being humble and kind, and respectful should be the top ones. However, this will depend upon the different person, but if we as a people can be humble or kind, they are too human beings, so they don’t need to get overboard and just be reckless or turn themselves into an egoistic person.

Question 5:- Why does the young generation copy them?

Answer 1:- Youngsters are greatly inspired by their lifestyle like what kind of clothes, footwear they wear and what kind of habits they have so due to these, they follow them. They want to be like them, and they also want that other persons consider them good and value them.

Answer 2:- I believe that this era where we are constantly glued to our phone and always want to get dressed up or imitate our favourite personality leads to becoming an actor. Nowadays, half of our generation wants to be an actor just because they love their celebrity and gets motivated or wants to enjoy other special treatments they receive.

Question 6:- Why is it important to have role models?

Answer 1:- Having a role model stimulate people to move ahead and get success. In other words, role models help a person in attaining success; many people have famous personalities as role models, while for others, their parents or their friends are role models. Having a role model motivates others to follow their footprints and to be like them.

Answer 2:- I don’t have any role models. However, if one has it, then they should learn good things from them and not to behave like a crazy person and not also over love them because they are at the end just a hero. They may do everything in their life, but we should always have to learn and pick those things which will turn into our benefits. And we can inspire others. Also, one should learn about how to treat an animal’s too. Because they do too ask us to love them protect them and such things which are quite contrary amongst us.

Question 7:- Who were the famous people 50 years ago and who will be famous in the next 50 years?

Answer 1:- In the past, there were many famous personalities like people who greatly admired martyrs as well as politicians, who did well, and if I talk about patriots, then Shahid Bhagat Singh, Kartar Singh, Mahatma Gandhi, and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru were the prominent personalities While there will be more famous personalities in the future such as Sonu Sood, who helped a great in solving the problems of people during a pandemic and famous Bollywood singers, who stimulated the other people to give their contribution in farmer’s agitation.

Answer 2:- The famous people I can think of are Sardar Patel, rani Laxmi bai, Shivaji Maharaj, Subhash Chandra bose. These all people have achieved so many things and helped our country to be put our thoughts forwards and believe in ourselves that we can to achieve anything. If we set our mind, we can make ourselves and our country proud and inspire the next generation too to inbuilt these thoughts and do good for our country. In the next 50 years, I think people like Akshay Kumar, dhoni, Ayushman Priyanka will be famous and be remembered for the work they have done and the values they have spreading amongst the generation to help and be independent and kind towards animals and many more things.

Question 8:- If you have a chance to become famous what would be your attitude?

Answer 1:- If I would get a chance to become famous, then I would have a positive attitude. I would not deter myself backwards; instead, I prefer to take with me all the people who would have helped me in getting achievement. Because I think if a person gets success, then this is the result of many other’s hard work and motivations. My eyes will always be on the land where I stood and dreamt of a successful career.

Answer 2:- I will definitely help others. Also, if I ever become famous, I will still be humble and kind to others and not forget from where I have come and also appreciate the efforts of others who talk to me or wants to meet me. I will do something in return for them too. I will make them feel special and also to the others who like me.

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