Talk About a Person Who Influenced You.

Talk about a person who influenced you. Please say

– Who the person is

– How you met this person

– In what way the person influenced you.


A sample answer of Talk About a Person Who Influenced You.

Well, Some people are highly influential and they have a great impact on our life. Sometimes they bring a lot of changes in ourselves by making us aware of our worth on this planet. Similarly happened with me. My friend has always influenced me by her hard work, commitment, and of course her kind nature. Even though we don’t meet each other regularly; but, our relationship is the same as it had been in the past. The thing that influenced me was her attitude to turn every situation into a happy one.

She is jovial but very serious about her career. She had a dream to settle overseas for her green posture but was not able to fulfill the requirements of IELTS. Despite spending huge money on filling the exams, she never deterred from appearing in exams again and again until she got the score. She was an optimist and she never got depressed.

Never to repent of failure was her ideology. I was surprised how she manages all these predicaments; however her attitude towards her goal influenced me a lot and when she came off flying colors and got permanent residence in Canada, my happiness knew no bounds. So I think an attitude particularly a positive one has a great impact on people as I had on my friend me. So this was the person who influenced me a lot.

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