Talk about a Place You Visited That Has Been Affected by Pollution

Talk about a place you visited that has been affected by pollution.

You should say:
Where is it?
When you visited this place?
What kind of pollution do you saw there?
And explain how this place was affected?

Well, there many places which are highly polluted and it is very hard for the people especially local residents to live at that place or nearby the place. Here I would like to talk about a place which is very polluted and the name of the place is Ludhiana, which is on the northwest side of India. It is densely populated due to established industries and highly popular for making hosiery products. I visited this place a couple of months ago in order to do shopping.

Earlier I was reluctant to visit this place but after suggesting by one of my friends, I made a plan in order to get a hefty discount on purchasing ethnic wear for special occasions. I was taken aback to see high-grade pollution. The poor quality of air, as well as the Incessant sound of blowing horns, make this urban area contaminate.

It is because of a number of automobiles on the road that release toxic gases and these gases when mix in the air create skin allergy, respiratory problems, hair fall. I was badly affected by it because I couldn’t stand any longer in a traffic jam. Although I got a hefty discount on things in the end I regretted it and decided not to visit this city again because the continuous sound of vehicles remained in my ears for a wee. I couldn’t sleep well for a week. I was surprised how the local residents live there? So this is the city which is highly polluted.

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Question 1:- What kind of pollution are serious in your country?

Well in my country noise pollution and air pollution is at a high rate and these are posing a serious threat to the people of my country. For the sake of modernization, inhuman activities are more responsible for creating such kinds of pollution. In return, people are getting the victim to many diseases.

Question 2:- What can individuals do to protect our environment?

Individuals can do a lot to protect their environment. They can use carpooling instead of driving their own vehicles. Besides, they can cultivate more trees in order to improve the quality of air, which is deteriorating day by day.

Question 3:- Do you think individuals should be responsible for pollution?

I think individuals are more responsible because they have started to cut the trees for making their accommodation, as well as burn plastics in the open air, which has created another environmental hazard. In addition, using individual vehicles also creating pollution in the environment. So I think inhuman activities are more responsible.

Question 4:- Why is there a need to involve the government in environmental protection?

There is a great need to involve the government in environmental protection because people have the fear of getting punished and if they try to damage the environment so in order to maintain law and order government’s intrusion is mandatory. If people do deforestation, then the government can impose heavy fines and they will not dare to do so.

Question 5:- Why people throw waste material on roads?

People throw waste material on the road because they don’t abide by the rules and being conscious about environmental hazards they try to damage it. Besides, no adequate place in any residential areas compels the residents of the city to throw garbage on the road.

Question 6:- How can the government encourage people to keep their cities clean?

Government can encourage the city dwellers to keep their city clean by motivating them by giving rewards as well as by providing grants to the cleanest city. Constructing leisure parks is the icing on the cake for them to enjoy their time.

Question 7:- what do you think is a good idea or bad idea to Establish limited factories in a city?

Establishing limited factories is a good idea because, in this way, there will be less pollution as opposed to that of having numerous factories. People will also get jobs, as well as the city, would be a better place to live. Moreover, less pollution will be there due to fewer automobiles on the road.

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