A  Friend Is Considering Buying a House Nearby

A  friend is considering buying a house nearby, but you have decided to leave the area due to a rise in crime. Write a letter to your friend advising them not to move into the neighbourhood. In your letter:

  • Recommend that your friend not go ahead with the purchase.
  • Give the reasons behind your decision to leave.
  • Suggest possible alternative areas that you know.

Sample Answer of A  Friend Is Considering Buying a House Nearby

Dear John

How your life is going on? I am delighted that you have finally got rid of the congested area where you currently live. I am more surprised at your decision to relocate to my neighbourhood, which is a place full of crime so I would like to suggest you not make a decision of residing here.

To my mind, kidnapping, murder or ransom is common in my neighbourhood. The place is no more safe and secure due to a weak security system. CCTV cameras don’t work properly, and no security guard is appointed for the safety of the people. So instead of purchasing any accommodation choose another place.

To be honest, I have the same reason, but the theft that occurred in my flat really made me make this decision. It was day time, and as well, as usual, I went to the market for purchasing grocery items. I’ve locked the front door properly; but, I was taken aback to see that it was broken and my LED mobile was stolen.

For the above-mentioned reasons, I would like to suggest that Green Avenue, the city centre and the Modern colony are suitable places to reside. Constant monitoring, security guards are the features of these residential areas. That’s why no crime has been reported yet?

I hope you would ponder over what I said? And live in a secure ambience.

Hope to see you soon!

Yours Loving,

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