Talk About a Time When You Gave Advice to Someone.

Talk about a time when you gave advice to someone.

  • Who you gave advice to?
  • What advice did you give
  • How it was helpful
  • Explain how he or she felt about it.

Sample 1:-Talk about a time when you gave advice to someone.

well, giving advice is quite common in India. I also gave free advice to my near and dear ones. I personally believe that by giving advice we show our love and care toward others. Here I would like to take about the advice which I gave to my friend Abhishek

Two months ago, he was in a dilemma to continue his job or start his own business. He is my best friend and whenever he feels low at that time he calls me to take on opinion. I remembered that day, it was Friday night when he called me and sound very low. On that time I asked him about his problem then he told me that he was not satisfied with his job because his job had a low salary package. He did not get any perks, increment and other benefits as well. So He wanted to start his own business but he confused about how to take the first step.

He explained his problem to me briefly. I understood his point of view and advice him that if you leave your job immediately then it means you do not have any source of income. So, I suggested he start a side business like some online shipping business. I Mentioned him about a reseller app “Misho” which help to earn money through selling a product with set a profit margin.

After a few days later, he again called me and thanked me for this advice because through this side business he also earned 10 to 15 thousand Indian rupees in a month. Fortunately, I feel extremely glad to see that my advice works in a positive way for him.

Sample 2:-Talk about a time when you gave advice to someone.

Well, giving and asking for advice is very common in my tradition. This shows respect and love for each other. I usually give advice whenever somebody asks me. But here i would like to talk about a time when I gave advice to my sister.

I remember that last year, my sister called me and gave me the good news. She told me she gave birth to a baby girl. That time, I and my family felt on the seventh cloud. After one week, my sister and baby came back at home as well as, I also went to her home.

Apart from it, my sister discussed me about the baby’s future because nowadays everything is very costly that’s why that time she worried about the future. She felt a lot of burdens related to it.


Next day, I gave one advice to my sister to secure baby future. Luckily, I do work in SBI bank and, in my bank number of best study and marriage policies for newborn girls.

Moreover, I discussed one wonderful study policy for baby. In that policy, my sister will fill 1000 rupes per month and after 6 years she will receive nearly 4 lakhs rupees with interest and cash back money.

When my sister properly checked about that policy and very interested in that. Then, she started that policy and felt amazing.

Now, my sister does not have any types of stress related to the baby’s future study. According to me, that time I gave wonderful advice to my sister when we remember that day I and sister feel happy.

Follow-ups question:- 

Question:- Giving and receiving advice is common in your country?

Answer:- well, according to my viewpoint, It is very normal in my country. There are mostly all people give advice to someone. However, folks also discuss their problems and matter with each other as well as, take advice from professionals and full experienced person. for example: whenever I face any problems and, take any decision related to my future. That time I discuss my opinions with my grandfather because he always gives me good advice which gives me wonderful result in the future.

Question:- Who usually gives you advice?

Answer:- Interestingly, when I put a new step in my future and take any decision related to future and career. That time I share with my parents, relatives, and friends. For instance: when I passed 10th class exam with good grades then, I really confused related to further study. After it, I discuss with my father and, he gave me wonderful advice to take admission in commerce field. I ever take advice from my parents and grandfather.

Question:- Should children make decisions on their own?

Answer:- no children should not make decisions on their own because they are not mature enough and do not have the experience to take important decisions. sometimes they took decisions in a hurry which could be harmful to them keeping in view their future perspective.

Question:- How should parents help their children make decisions?

Ans: parents help their children to make decisions in many ways because they are well known about the interests of their children and due to this they could guide them to go in a proper and right direction. moreover, parents have a lot of experience of their life and they are aware of what is good or bad for them.

Question:- Do parents in your country take decisions for their children?

Ans: yes parents took decisions for their children in my country because they are very ambitious about the future of their they guide them from time to time and help them to take right and appropriate decisions for them.

Question:- Do you think it is advisable listening to others advice when making decisions?

Ans: yes definitely it is advisable listening to others advice while making decisions because in this way one has more ideas and options to take the right decision in for their should listen to the advice of different people and then choose one from them.

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  1. One of the question is “How should parents help their children make decisions?”
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