Talk About a Time When You Had to Wait in a Long Line

Talk about a time when you had to wait in a long line

  • when it was,
  • how long was the queue/line was,
  • what it was about,
  • how you felt about waiting in this long queue or line.

Sample 1

Well, many times, people wait for others. Sometimes they wait for their friends to watch a movie as well as they wait for their relatives. So similarly happened to me when I waited for a long time to purchase a ticket for watching a live concert by my favourite singer Babbu Maan. It was the day which was so tiring as I got the news that a live concert was going to be organised in my city. I thought to watch it with my friends.

Unfortunately, no one was ready to see this live concert because of the hectic schedule. But I didn’t want to miss the boat as I had been waiting for this moment for many months so when the day came, I thought to purchase the ticket online but it was my bad luck that I was unable to purchase due to technical problems the ticket. So I thought to purchase in person, I was astonished to see a long queue. It almost took me 2 hours to purchase this ticket.

I really felt tired and bored because no one was with me. I thought if I had my friends with me, then I would have entertained myself. Unfortunately, I forgot my mobile phone at home; otherwise, I could watch a video or talk with my friends. I was completely empty. I tried to make contact with some of my friends, but their phone number was out of reach. I didn’t know how I passed my time. But I watched the live concert, and I felt very happy that I could meet my favourite singer and take his autograph.

So now if I remember the last moment, I really feel happy and simultaneously sad 5because standing in a line and waiting for something is really a herculean task for me, but I could make my day by watching that concert.

Sample 2

OK, I am going to talk about a time I visited the health centre for the covid-19 vaccine. That was around August 2021 when the government announced the availability of the vaccine, and everyone should go and get vaccinated. Also that the drug was in limited supply, so I quickly hurried to the health centre the next day at 8.30 am, and behold I could not believe my eyes, there was a multitude of people standing not even seated waiting for their turn, I picked a number which was a thousand and twenty, but there were many nurses there doing the vaccination, I waited patiently, by the time I knew what was happening it was 4.00 pm that is roughly 9 hours, and yet it has not reached my turn though it’s almost my turn, all of a sudden an announcement was made that the drug has finished and we should come back tomorrow. I was furious, worn out and frustrated. The experience I had it’s not worth repeating.

Follow-ups of Talk About a Time When You Had to Wait in a Long Line

Question 1:- What do people like to do while waiting in line?

Answer 1:- Well, when people wait for others in a line, they do a lot of things they like to surf on the internet and talk with their friends and play games on the mobile phone to kill time.

Answer 2:- From my experience, while waiting in line, I observed that half of the people, including myself, were busy with our cell phones, of course charting with friends online, the older adults who were provided few sit formed a small group and were busy in their discussions while about 20% who doesn’t have cell phone improvised a sit and slept off only to be woken up when it’s their time.

Question 2:- Do Indian people often wait in the queue?

Answer 1:- Yes, Indian people also wait in a queue; they also value their relationship and eagerly wait for them.

Answer 2:- I am not an Indian, but in my country majority of people do not wait in line; they bribe their way through, some jump the queue while others give some excuses more especially on health situations, why they cannot stand or sit for a long time, most times they are granted.

Question 3:- What do you think who jump the queue?

Answer 1:- I think the people who jump the queue want to save their time. Due to some reasons, it is necessary for them to stand in a line for purchasing a ticket or waiting for someone and sometimes it can make the person feel offended, who are in a line.

Answer 2:- For those that jump queues apart from older adults, those with visible disabilities, pregnant women or lactating mothers, I usually look down on them, labelling them irresponsible and non-empathetic, because if everyone should behave likewise, things won’t be moving well.

Question 4:- How can companies improve their customer service?

Answer 1:- Companies can improve their customer service by taking the feedback of the customers continuous reviews about a certain product, and it can make the company aware of its good quality and its value as well. Moreover, there are other techniques that a company can apply, such as questionnaires as well as taking personal interviews of the customers.

Answer 2:- Not all industries have queued for customers, but those that have like banks, schools health facilities can introduce online services, banks are doing it, then they should employ more staff to attend to customers if possible each staff should be assigned to handle specific task or age group, then they could also schedule days for different activities and makes it public so that one can know when to visit the company for a particular thing.

Question 5:- Do you think the development of technology has reduced the time people have to wait in queues?

Answer 1:- Yes, nowadays, due to technology, people can save their time; they do not need to stand in a line; they can purchase anything online just with one click. Moreover, they don’t need to make payments after standing in the line for a long time. They can also make their payments online. In a nutshell, it has reduced waiting hours and saved people’s money so that people can do anything hassle-free.

Answer 2:- Tremendously it has taken for instance the bank as I said earlier, one can use the mobile phone to make most bank transactions, and they have introduced a point of service outlet in different places, more so, some companies advertise their product online once someone makes payments they will send the goods to the address the person sent online, technology has made life easier, so people had reduced time spent standing in line in shopping malls and in banks.

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