Talk About a Time When You Visited a Farm or Met With a Farmer

Talk About a Time When You Visited a Farm or Met With a Farmer

  • when you met the farmer
  • where you met the farmer
  • What you think about farmers

Well having been brought up in the rustic area, I am fully aware of farming and the life of farmers. I don’t remember vividly, but still, some impressions are on my psyche about my first visit to a Farm. It was that time when I was an adolescent and I went to Rajasthan to meet my friend. His father is a peasant. He does pastoral farming. He raises sheep for wool, cows and nanny-goats for dairy farming etc.
I was on the seventh heaven to see beautiful creatures there, I also got a chance to feed them and from then, I got to know that how difficult is farming to do. A farmer never waits for the rain to stop, he continuously does hard work till his crop is harvested. He does great toil in fields. This is due to their contribution that the whole population is getting food as now I see the grower of crops is struggling hard for his rights.
I really feel ashamed of the government of my country, which doesn’t pay attention to their needs. I wish for them to be successful in their mission because farmers are the mainstay of a country, if the country does progress by leaps and bounds, it is only due to farming.

Part 3 Follow-Ups Talk About a Time When You Visited a Farm or Met With a Farmer

Question:- In your country what kind of farms are most popular?

Well in my country mixed farming, as well as pastoral farming, are very popular. people earn by doing hard labour in their respective fields.

Question:- Do You think farming is important for the economy of your country?

Yes of course. Almost everything is related to farming. 70 per cent country’s income is generated from farming. So it is very important and people feel proud to adopt farming. It’s a legacy.

Question:- Did you do farm work when you were young?

Yes sometimes my parents used to bring me with them to a farm and we had been divided our work and we used to do such as taking care of crops from birds and uprooting the weeds.

Question:- Give Your views about farmer protest in India?

Well, it is good to ask for one’s rights; but, when rights are snatched then keep on insisting to get them back is no offence and the farmers are doing the same. They are growers of many crops and fulfilling their demands is the main duty of the government.

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  1. I really like the topic. It is explained very well. Being a farmers daughter the question about protest allure me a lot. Thanks I really apricate to this effort.

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