Talk About A Tourist Attraction of Your Country

Talk About A Tourist Attraction of Your Country

  • Where it was?
  • When do you go there?
  • Who was with you?
  • What did you see and did there as a tourist?

Sample 1 Talk About A Tourist Attraction of Your Country

Places of tourist interest in India are so numerous and varied that it is not easy to describe these places comprehensively. These include places of archaeological and historical importance, pilgrimage centres, sanctuaries and national parks, hill resorts, sea beaches, etc.

I recently visited Aurangabad, globally known as a favourite destination because of its proximity to the Ajanta and Ellora caves; Aurangabad serves as a major tourist hub that offers many tourist places to visit, and some of the most important attractions around it like Ajanta and Ellora which have been declared as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, along with the famous Mughal monument Bibi-ka-Maqbara.

This was my second visit as my mom wanted to visit this place. After my first visit, I told her about my whole journey, and she showed interest in exploring this place, so we made up this plan. We had three days itinerary ready for this place. On our first day, we only went to Ajanta Caves, which is 3 hours drive from the main centre point of Aurangabad. We observed beautiful paintings of ancient times and the old scriptures written all over the cave.

On the second day, we visited Ellora caves, Aurangzeb Tomb, and some pilgrimage sites in the vicinity of it and trekked to Daulatabad fort, and all these places took a whole day to explore. On the third day, we went for Himroo shawls and Nauvari saree shopping and visited Bibi ka Maqbara and Panchakki, and we headed to the airport to catch our late-night return flight to Mumbai.

Sample 2 Talk About A Tourist Attraction of Your Country

I am going to be talking about a tourist centre in my country Nigeria. I would like to start with the experience I got at a zoo I went to 3years ago. The move was motivated and well planned out by my girlfriend, who wanted me to celebrate my 25th birthday, which I wasn’t going to celebrate according to my decision.

Then very early on the 17th of March 2019, she came with her sisters to my place of residence to throw a small party, after which she compelled me tho out with the girls. Surprisingly, we arrived at a zoo centre at the University of Ibadan, I was amazed, and at the same time, it was satisfying seeing her making moves to surprise me.

We had fun to the fullest and had a wonderful time with the wildlife, and in summary, I can just say it’s one of the most unforgettable memory I held on to afterwards.

Follow up Questions Talk About A Tourist Attraction of Your Country

Question 1:- What are some tourist attractions in your country?

Answer 1:- India has many tourist attractions and places and is a hotspot. However, I will elaborate on the top 3 tourist attractions – first is the Taj Mahal, made in memory of his late wife Mumtaz; Shah Jahan started the construction of the Taj Mahal, which is now considered to be one of the seven wonders of the modern world.

The tomb of Mumtaz is significantly more well-known than this location. It is today the most visited tourist destination in India. In addition to tourists from India, many travellers come from other nations. Second is Red Fort – Again, Shah Jahan, the Mughal emperor of India, had the Red Fort built for defensive purposes.UNESCO has given it the title of World Heritage Site. People come worldwide to see the Chandni Chowk Fort, a well-known and renowned tourist attraction. The third is the Qutub Minar – An outstanding example of Indo-Islamic architecture in Delhi, India, at the Qutub Minar.

Answer 2:- In Nigeria, we have some outstanding tourist centre that serves as a point of attraction for both Nigerians and foreigners. I will start with the zoo where the wild animals are kept, we have several of them across the nation, and another is the historical and monument centre. There are two outstanding among others. One is located in Osun state and the other in Lagos state. Lastly, I would like to talk about Lagos’s art and gallery centre, which is quite amazing.

Question 2:- Should these places be free for everyone to visit?

Answer 1:- Some tourist locations are free of cost, while you may have to pay for entrance in some places. I think you are informed that the reserved places need to be maintained. Places like zoos are never free of cost as a large number of wild animals are found here, and they need food, shelter and other necessary amenities for maintenance. The overall activities are maintained from the entrance fee it collects from the visitors. So, I personally feel that some places should be made free and a minimal cost should be imposed on the private or reserved places so that everyone could enjoy them.

Answer 2:- I would say that people should be, but the demanded amount should be affordable for commoners. Although the government are funding most of this institution, I believe there is still some maintenance to be made and could be of major budget. Another reason to consider is that if it is not paid for, people might probably take fewer precautions and may not abide by the rules and regulations. All damages will be sorted solely by the government, which is unfair.

Question 3:- Do foreigners visit these attractions? Where do they mostly come from?

Answer 1:- Yes, foreigners frequently visit the places and sometimes it becomes difficult to collect the entrance tickets too of excessive crowds. Foreigners from across the world gather at the places and spend their leisure hours in various ways. They are always curious to know about Indian culture and diversity. They also try to explore Indian food and have observed wearing them Indian ethnicities while they are discovering the places in India.

Answer 2:- Yes, they frequently do. People come from different part of the world to spend a gap year, or holiday time at the monument, the tourist comes from around the globe to gather information about our history and revolution. We see this kind of commuter often.

Question 4:- What are the benefits of foreigners visiting tourist attractions in your country?

Answer 1:- Yes, there is a wide range of benefits as foreigners visit the tourist attractions of India. When they pay for their accommodation, food and shopping, they are contributing to my nation’s economy. Besides, many of the temporary sellers set their stalls beside the tourist spots and do a good deal of business with the tourists, especially the foreigners. Besides, the culture and customs of my country get spread around the world through the visitors. Further, a large tourist industry has been built in the country, which has created employment.

Answer 2:- I think a stand-out benefit I can think of is that it makes us well known to the world through different articles and research made as well it helps us to generate income to stabilise our economy.

Question 5:- What are its disadvantages of it?

Answer 1:- There are some disadvantages too of the tourists. Sometimes there are misunderstandings among the tourists and the sellers over the pricing issues of any specific product. When they cannot reach any agreement, they lock into minor disputes. Sometimes the tourists are unaware of the cleanliness of the tourist spots and throw away water bottles or snack packets here and there. As a result, the environment is spoilt to some extent.

Answer 2:- The only downside of this is that when the proprietary funders refuse to pay invest or pay for damages done by either homegrown people or foreigners could eventually lead to a dysfunctional system in the long run. It could even lead to a close down of such institutions if there is no financial support.

Question 6:- Do you know about any environmental issues associated with it?

Answer 1:- There are no major environmental issues associated with tourists. As I mentioned in the earlier answer, there are a few minor issues: they spoil the surrounding environment with empty packets, water bottles or throwing papers. It would be considered a serious environmental threat if the tourists used to pollute water, air or the other ecological elements of the environment.

Answer 2:- I can’t say one, but I know that this downside will eventually touch every sector negatively, especially for Nigeria, which partly depends on incomes from the tourism industry.

Question 7:- How has the way Indian people spend their holidays changed in the past few decades?

Answer 1:- Well, there are lots of changes in celebrating festival trends. Earlier, people used to celebrate the holidays with their friends, and almost all the activities were out of the home. But currently, the celebrations involve family members as well as friends. Besides, the celebrations are taking place in indoor spaces too. People used to gather in open spaces when it was about the national rituals or traditional celebrations in the past.

Question 8:- What kinds of places do Indian people prefer to visit?

Answer 1:- Some people from affluent families visit international places like Dubai, Singapore, Europe etc. and those from a moderate background prefer travelling within India. These include places of archaeological and historical importance, pilgrimage centres, sanctuaries and national parks, hill resorts, sea beaches, etc.

Question 9:- What kind of place do Indian people prefer to visit as a tourist, an urban environment or a rural environment?

Answer 1:- More than the urban and rural environment, I feel Indian people like to have cultural tourism. Most of the cultural tourism is also found deep in the hearts of the villages (rural), and we get acquainted with its roots and grounds. Also, it is good and beneficial for the local communities economically and socially and enables interaction between the tourists and the locals for more enriching tourism. But even in an Urban environment, there is a pretty good exposure to it.

Question 10:- Most people think that natural scenery is more attractive than modern buildings. Why do you think they feel this way?

Answer 1:- It’s because nature usually refreshes people’s minds and creates a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. I believe everyone loves to go to places that can take our breath away. Whenever I travel, I make sure to be close to nature as it is quite therapeutic. Just looking at the tranquillity of water, witnessing the sunset, and the serenity of mountains makes me feel rejuvenated.

Answer 2:- Yes, I agree with this fact because the scenery of a natural plain is always different. The look of the sea, the sound of beds, the winds breeze inside the forest and the different wildlife scenery make it special. Compared with modern buildings or lifestyles filled with noise and repetitive activities.

Question 11:- What are the advantages and disadvantages of guided tours?

Answer 1:- Most developing economies also hugely depend on tourism to earn national income. The growth and development of global tourism naturally bring many benefits to entire cities, countries, and communities. Tourism is also one of the biggest foreign exchange sources. Other benefits of tourism include better relationships and political equations amongst nations and easier travel regulations. However, there are several disadvantages of tourism as well. Growth in tourism means a higher chance of illegal activities and crime, especially theft since tourists bring valuables. Secondly, foreign tourists often damage places of national interest and importance. They often litter areas while damaging natural resources and beautiful spots simultaneously.

Answer 2:- Having someone to show direction, instructions, terms, and explanations always helps a lot because, mostly, without them, a huge amount of time will be wasted having to achieve little of the goal. On their hand, in some places, they demand pay which varies. Accordingly, this could deter any interest in having them around.

Question 12:- What do you think would be the advantages and disadvantages of living in a popular tourist destination?

Answer 1:- Especially about friends and family wanting to visit can be considered the biggest pro as being a local, and many popular tourist places can be covered. Another pro is that it is usually a reason for somewhere being a popular destination like scenery, shopping, nice weather and so on which is easy to take for granted. Another thing I have found when I have lived somewhere cool rather than visited is that it is easy to forget to take advantage of it and be a tourist in your town, but instead, getting stuck in a routine can be one of the disadvantages and also have to avoid the much-crowded places during the festivities as people come from all corner of the world.

Answer 2:- A tourist centre is usually a metropolitan area, which offers many more benefits than disadvantages. One benefit I could speak of is the fact that there is a possibility for easy connection with influential people that could lead to a life-transforming opportunity. Another gain is an increase in job prospects around such areas. However, the place is always a busy area with a high traffic jam rate and annually increased accommodation prices and spending lifestyle.

Question 13:- What are the differences between old and young people’s choices for travelling?

Answer 1:- Relaxation is a bigger priority for older travellers, while younger travellers are more interested in satisfying a sense of adventure.

Answer 2:- It is commonly known that age is a factor that influences decisions and travelling is no different, young people mostly prefer places of attraction, partying and meeting with friends while elderly people are likely not to travel because of partying, mostly for visiting is what they do most.

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