Talk About a Traditional Object or Traditional Product of Your Country that You Bought: Speaking Cue Card

Talk about a traditional object or traditional product of your country that you bought

  • What is it?
  • How is it made?
  • When did you try it for the first time?
  • Why do you like it?

Sample 1:-

There are numerous traditional products in my country which are quite popular. Apart from that, traditional products consider the background of the country’s backbone and give the tremendous opportunity to people in an upcoming generation they can rectify all the details related to doing or past. Here I would like to talk about it it is an object which is quite popular in my country that is a tote bag. This bag has a plethora of benefits in the people’s lives .this tote bag comes from woven the thread and is used in the lifestyle of the people so that they can carry lots of things during their work and also keep all the blogging inside a tote bag because tote bag provides ample space for the individual to store all the usual amenities inside this bag apart from that many people also follow this culture from the past hundred years and hand over next generation, so that’s the reason people like to adopt this bag in the modern era. Moreover, in my country, many people use this bag for various purposes in the term of women they always carry this bag for the Shopping purpose such as clothing or fruits .on the side me they use and like to carry all their belongings during their trip because it is very convenient to carry anywhere without any hurdles. Because this tradition followed in the Past, and my father also told me that our seniors already used the tote bag for a long time, I have various kinds of tote bags in my home related to the Past. Moreover, there are tremendous benefits of this tote bag. Firstly, it is eco-friendly and easy to make with the environment and does not produce any harmful substance because it is made from cotton clothes. Secondly, the Indian government also initiated a law to ban plastic bags in 2018. Various people already use this tote bag for their purposes and give up contributing to saving the environment together, so it is the so it is there is a traditional product which in my country use on a large scale and the benefit of the stored batteries are quite mesmerizing.

Sample 2:-

India is a land of traditions, and there are so many objects which India has been cultivating so many tickets today. I want to talk about objects that inspired me to know the rich heritage of India, and that is the silk saree for the silk saree is mainly designed by traditional Weavers in Tamil Nadu, which is located in the southern part of the country. Firstly this silk saree is extracted from silkworm the Threads are formed from 8 these Threads are five different sheets of paper. They are finally compressed into thick materials few dates some kind of designs are winning clients into it proper clothing has been made so this manufacturer came across this material when I visited Kanchipuram District during my college days can’t in visiting this place because I am not fond of Indian tradition mother compelled me to try it out. I was astonished on seeing after wearing this garment I was literally on Cloud Nine when I saw myself in the mirror after my parents my mum had also purchased a few sarees and the shop for more than 5,000 but that.

Follow-ups of Talk About a Traditional Object or Traditional Product of Your Country that You Bought

Question 1:- Describe another traditional product from your country?

Answer 1:- There are so many handicrafts now produced in India that show the raw materials are obtained from plants and trees. Handicrafts are made, and it has been widely used throughout the country.

Answer 2:- There are numerous kinds of traditional products already famous in my country such as clay pot tote bag and one of the most people use in their day to day life is their family stamp because it has a tremendous of benefits in the lifestyle of the people and also gives a lot of alternatives to recognize their Past easily moreover traditional products also helps to get familiar with their Past which is very useful for every individual to enhance their power with these traditional products.

Question 2:- What are the benefits of traditional products to locals?

Answer 1:- The local craftsmanship is completely dependent on the traditional items manufactured and produced in India reliant on this occupation, and their answers are practising it does since ages have a good knowledge of these items. It ensures that they also have a good living with this.

Answer 2:- They are tremendous benefits of the traditional product. Hence, the local people, first of all, they easily get interact with their past time and also relate the value of that product and also useful in their day to day life apart from that of various countries always like to explore various traditional product which also gives numerous benefits to use that product which makes the lifestyle of the people to convenient. Hence, the importance of past products is quite important in this modern era.

Question 3:- Do you think the government should help in the promotion of traditional products?

Answer 1:- The government must promote these kinds of traditional because nowadays most people are buying their from and they are losing interest in the local product saree for people to get acknowledge on these kinds of items.

Answer 2:- Yes, absolutely government also take the initiative to promote the traditional products in their country first of all, which eventually increases the country’s economy, and many people like to adopt that product in their day-to-day life and become these traditional products are more popular from their expectations. Moreover, the government also needs to invest some kind of money in preserving these products for our upcoming generation because youngsters need to know the value of their past time and get engaged with their morals value and in a good manner.

Question 4:- Do you think because of globalization countries are adopting each other traditions.

Answer 1:- Yes, definitely because, in my opinion, land of rich cultural heritage. However, people are inclined toward buying purchasing western, and they are losing interest in the ancient garments which are manufactured still manufactured in India.

Answer 2:- The world has been revolutionized into a global village. They are tremendous inventions already out by the researchers and globalization countries all adopting a lot of tradition with each other many people like to explore various kinds of new traditions which led to their culture and heritage some people also make a vacation trip in a few countries which has secretly traditional messages and also in as their mind power.

Question 5:- Did the traditional things of the past have more value than the present things?

Answer 1:- I wouldn’t it is because they have come with a good value has a lot of cultural benefits healthy lifestyle.

Answer 2:- Yes, traditional products had more value in the Past because their people had more knowledge about these products and used products in day to day life. Still, this upcoming generation they don’t have time to look after their traditional products due to the importance of the introduction in products are quite reduced in this technological era, and this is a very worrying situation among the individuals to forget their value from the Past.

Question 6:- Did the traditional things of the past have better quality than the present things?

Answer 1:- Items manufactured in the past had a good quality because there was no adulteration or mixing of other materials into them; however, with the lack of resources nowadays, people are forced to do a certain type of items when a good when a product is being manufactured.

Answer 2:- Yes, absolutely the quality of the traditional product is the quite durable in the Past because in this past time there were not any machines were invented to make these traditional products by robots had even the people were made all the traditional products by hand and also gave proper attention to obtained products. Still, in this technological era, machines have already replaced the hands of humans and made them cheaper things on a low budget.

Question 7:- Is it necessary to protect traditions?

Answer 1:- People must protect their ancestral traditions and also their once in a blue moon day are following these kinds of traditions.

Answer 2:- Yes, without any devout we need to protect traditional values for the upcoming generation because it has numerous knowledge which people need to interact with their Past and also get in touch with their model’s value once they know the importance of the history of their nation and culture it definitely becomes more innovative and hence has their knowledge and open form well in their events.

Question 8:- Do you think teenagers should learn about traditions?

Answer 1:- College on their ancestral values and their way of lifestyle let a be a proper Healthy lifestyle and nowadays kind of will be for teenagers to adapt inculcate in their daily.

Answer 2:- Teenagers must learn the value of traditional products because it is too vital for them. After all, children already consider the future of every nation. Once they know the value of tradition, they become active and like to contribute to their efforts to explore various kinds of things and give attention to explore more in these deep products.

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