Talk about an important event which you celebrated ielts exam

Talk about an important event which you celebrated ielts exam

What it was?

Where did it happen?

Why it was important?

And how you felt about it?

Sample 1

Although I belong to a nuclear family which consists of five members, my father, my mother, my two siblings and myself. Lovingly all the members of my family are extrovert by nature. They love to enjoy each moment and event of their life.

Certainly, I like to join parties and celebrate events when they come. Because through this, I can spend my free and precious time with my loving family or near and dear ones.

Hence I still remember,  about two months ago, I celebrated my mother’s birthday. The whole event was organized as a surprise for my mother. I explain it briefly.

Basically, My mother’s birthday was on 2nd September, I had organized a surprise party and other members of my family were involved in my plan. We together made all the preparations for a birthday party. But we did hide it from the eyes of my mom. In the morning of the day of my mother’s birthday, no one gave birthday wishes to her. She was looking surprised that everyone has forgotten her birthday. But we were going to give her a big surprise. So, that day passed like an ordinary day for my mom.

Lovingly by the grace of God, at 7 PM, I  went to my mother’s room and told her to go with me. I took her on the roof of my house where we had arranged the surprise party. When she arrived on the roof, everybody started clapping and wishing happy birthday very loudly to my mother.

My mother was shocked as well as glad. We had invited near and dear ones without informing to my mom. When I saw my mom’s smile, then I felt myself on the ninth cloud by happiness. After it, Everyone enjoyed the party and gave birthday presents to my mother.

Surprisingly, My father gave her a beautiful gold ring with a fabulous pearl on it. The ring is beautifully designed and my mom wears it all the time.

Eventually, We all enjoyed this event as much as we could have. We ate together as well as danced together.

Gradually by my perspectives, the birthday event of my mother was one of the sweet memories of my life which keeps my family more close. I will never forget it during my whole life.

Sample 2

Every event has own significance. Some are so special which are remained in mind till whole life like those occasions fills happiness in our mundane. Here, I am going to talk about an important event when I achieved the first award or celebrated with friends.

On top of that, when I was pursuing my bachelor degree in college. There was a great hustle- bustle of annual function. During this time.Mr’s.  Urmilla who was an English teacher entered in to our class and announced about debate competition. Before this, I never participated in any function. My friends and teacher motivated me to speak about technology.

Furthermore, I put my name on the list. In this case, I took help from a social website where was a group of professionals who provided me unique ideas.

To supplement my view, On the day of the annual function, I spoke about positive notions of technology which were different than other competitors. It was an amazing moment when all speculators and teacher gave me standing obligation because views marked on their heart and ist time I got an award.

When all is said and done, I celebrated this event with my companions. even though, this was the whale of a time for me rather than any celebrating function.


1-How people celebrate public events?

Answer- Well according to my perspectives, people celebrate public events with great enthusiasm. They make events memorable. For instance, in India, Indian citizens celebrate 26th January known as the constitution day. They bow their heads to India’s constitution and take a pledge in order to reduce injustice, poverty, drugs, inhumanity and so on from India. apart from it, persons in my country enjoy Independence day and other public events on state or international levels.

2-Do you think it is important to celebrate events?

Answer- yes it is. Because public events keep close to all the citizens of a nation. Such as events produce respect for the country in each and every person’s heart. Humans celebrate it with joy and excitement. Because the celebration of a public event makes well-recognization of a country on the international level.

3-Should the event be prepared in advance?

Answer- Yes it should. Because when one country makes preparations to celebrate an event, then on the day of an event, everyone enjoys it without any worries about going here and there to prepare something. In India, each event is prepared some time before its celebration.

4-How to prepare an activity?

Answer-Well according to my own point of view, an activity can be prepared before its performance. When we are going to celebrate any event, then it matters how we prepare and celebrate it. After it, we manage everything including shopping, event’s date, time, invitations and so. For this, we can distribute important works related to the preparation of an event in order to do it efficiently. Some persons hire an activity management staff to prepare an activity or event.


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Talk about an important event which you celebratedTalk about an important event which you celebrated Talk about an important event which you celebrated Talk about an important event which you celebrated Talk about an important event which you celebrated

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