Talk about an introverted person you know

Talk about an introverted person you know: You should say:

  • Who the person is?
  • How do you know him or her?
  • Why do you consider him an introverted person?
  • Have you ever been involved with him over long discussions?
  • What would you suggest to this person?

Well, being a social person, I love to communicate with others .some of them are cheerful and social butterflies while others are pessimistic and shy by nature. Some personalities are very influential and have an everlasting impact on the psyche of others.

Similarly, I met with a person who lives in my locality. His name is Rachit Sharma, and we have known each other for the last eight years. I vividly remember when he moved to our neighborhood, it was complicated to talk to him because he showed less interest in talking with the local people.

In fact, at that time, I thought he was feeling shy just because of the new environment or new people But, now many years have passed, and Mr. Sharma didn’t change his nature. He does not talk to any other person and always keeps mum.

I think the main reason behind his reserved nature is his family environment. I came to know from somewhere that his wife has lived separate from him, and his children have migrated overseas, so he is living alone. Consequently, he does not have anyone with whom he shares his feelings and emotions.

Although I didn’t have long discussions with him, once I tried to discuss many issues, such as politics and history. Then He gave me a detailed lecture on relationships. Actually, he has no faith in relationships, and this thing doesn’t let him talk with others. I really feel pity for that person who has made his own world of imagination.

If I get a chance to advise him, I will definitely never miss the boat. Hopefully, I will teach him to become a gregarious person because this trait helps to enhance his personality.

Overall, this is a person whom I know and who is not an outgoing personality.

Follow-ups Talk about an introverted person you know

Question 1:- What types of people do you like to talk to?

Ans Well being an extroverted person, I love to talk with cheerful people because they are more optimistic and bring a smile to the face of people who are depressed. They are great motivators for others to lead a life like them.

Question 2:- Who is more successful in making friends, introverted or extroverted persons?

Answer. Well, I think extroverted people are very successful in making friends because they have good humor and r they release positive vibes that make the other people develop a friendship with them. Besides, they try to find happiness even over small matters, so this attitude makes them more popular.

Question 3:- Do circumstances have an impact on the nature of persons that shape their attitude?

Answer. Yes, definitely unforeseen circumstances really change the nature of a person like when people don’t have a person with whom they can share their feelings or ideas, then they try to keep things private and don’t trust others. Thus they become more introverted. Moreover, when people deceive others, it is challenging for the person to be open with all. So circumstances have a significant impact on their nature.

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