Talk about a time when you had to be polite cue card

Talk about a time when you had to be a polite cue card

When did this happen?

How did you do this?

Why did you have to be polite?

Talk about a time when you had to be a polite cue card

Sample 1:-

Well, being polite is a very useful thing to mitigate a difficult problem. But here I would like to talk about a time when I had to behave very politely on a bus. I describe it briefly.

About a couple of months ago, I was going to college. Actually, my college is located at some distance from my hometown. I go there via bus. Once a day, I took a bus at about 9:30 am to reach my destination. In this bus, I sit down on a seat and felt some relaxation. But suddenly, I listened to the loud voices of a girl and a boy.

I saw that two persons were fighting with each other on a topic. I did not aware of the matter of their fight. They both speaking more and more loudly and confuting each other. Every person got disturbed whoever in that bus. Some human beings said to them to stop this fight but they did not stop it. I got angry on that time.

But then, I thought that a wave of anger can increase the fight. I went near the seat of that boy and girl and requested them to be calm. But they were not ready to do it. Then, I told them very politely that they are disturbing to all the travelers as well as if you will not stop this fight then, the bus conductor will be asked to driver to stop the bus and throw both of you from the bus.

After listening to me, they both be calmed and apologized to all travelers for misbehavior. All in all, that was the time when I solved a problem with politeness.

Sample 2:-

Well, This is such an interesting talk that when I had to be polite. Well! I am a peace loving person and usually, I avoid wasting my energy by screaming at others. Today, I have to ask to speak about a time when I kept my temper and had to show politeness.

And it would be my conversation with my little sister who studied in the 10th standard. It happened two years ago, that I had a bust-up with her over the use of a mobile phone when I observed that she used a lot at the time of exams.

I advised her to study hard rather than using a mobile phone all the time because I was worried about her final exam results. But, she started to act stubbornly, and I was getting angry on her, almost lost my temper at that time.

But, I took a long breath and thought for a minute. OK, I asked her about what she knows about the demerits of cell phones and the merits of studying hard. Immediately, she started drawing the lots of merits of studying hard and demerits of using cell phones more than required.

And when I was agreed that she had finished exemplifying all the cons, and then I pointed on the cell phone, that was in her hand. She understood it by relating the knowledge gained from the books with the mobile phone she was crazy about. Instantaneously, she put her cell phone at a side and promised me to do hard work. Surprisingly, she got the best marks in her exams. To be honest, I was on cloud nine as my motive of teaching her and kept my temper at that time.


Talk about a time when you had to be polite


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