Talk about a something you like to do in your leisure time

Talk about something you like to do in your leisure time. You should say:

  • What do you do?
  • Where you do it?
  • Why you do it?

Sample 1:-

Well, there are a number of activities which I love to do when I have free time. For instance, working in the kitchen garden of my home, reading a book, cleaning my bedroom, surfing the internet, watching a movie on television and so on. But here I would like to talk about an activity which I do commonly when I have free time at my house and that is cooking.

I love to cook food for myself as well as for my loving family. My mother has great culinary skills and I have learned cooking from her. When I feel bored due to loneliness, then I go to the kitchen trying to prepare new dishes. To be honest, I do not like to have food from a food corner situated in any market because I know very well that many times food has prepared in the unhygienic conditions which harm to anyone. So, I make food in my home’s kitchen.

I like to try a variety of recipes. For instance, I can bake a cake of any flavor, Chinese food, Italian food, Dhokla, Punjabi dishes like Daal Makhani and so on. Moreover, sometimes I cook special dishes for my family members as per their choice and give a surprise to them. They feel immensely glad when they see their favorite food items.

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I remember that about a couple of weeks ago, I was alone at home and other family members went outside due to work or study. I had a holiday on that day. I felt bored. Then, I went into the kitchen and started preparations to cook a healthy dish. I decided to make a special dish named “Gajar Ka Halwa” which is my mom’s favorite dish. I cooked it with milk, sugar, butter, carrots, and dry fruits.

when I had cooked it, I tasted it. It was mouthwatering. When my mother came back home, I showed it to her. She ate it and felt highly elated. For this, she kissed me. I felt on the ninth cloud at that time because a smile on her face made my day. So, I like to cook food whenever I have some leisure time.

Sample 2:-

Well, today, ask to speak about the activities I do in my leisure time. I am a student of diploma course of computing. So, I attend classes for 4 days in a week and 2 days full day job. I also do tuition and all this schedule and my study make my days busy. That’s why I have the least leisure time to do some extra activities. However, I manage my days and in the day-off, I go through a different routine.

I fond of reading books and write some stories. Whenever I get free either I read books or write some stories. Including these, I play games as well that may be indoor or outdoor. But most of the time I like to play outdoor games such as Cricket and Football with my family or friends.

In indoor games, Chess is my favorite game for which I believe is most mind sharpening and interesting game. I love to play it with my siblings and friends as well.

I like to use my leisure time and enjoy a lot what I do. Reading and writing both are the most useful activities and are my favorite kind of activities that I often do in my leisure time.

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