Talk about a subject that fascinates you

Talk about the subject that fascinates you. You should say:

  • What was the subject?
  • Why did it fascinate you?
  • How long you learn it?

Well, according to my perceptions, All the subject of school curriculum are captivating as well as all these subjects play a pivotal role in a student’s life. But here I would like to talk about a subject named English which fascinates me a lot. English language is like a big sea and we are like small fishes in it who are searching for something in it.

During my childhood , I started learning English subject in my first standard because it was compulsory in school curriculum. First of all,I learned alphabets of English language which taught by my class teacher.

Then, I learned writing and reading a variety of english words. After some time, I became able to read English language. From my first standard to the present time, I have read many English literature books. And now I love to read it during my leisure time.Because English literature books are good source of knowlegde as well as these books helpes me to broaden the horizons of my knowlegde.

Furthermore, I have joined English Speaking course to brush up my communication skills. After completion of this course, I am planning to join IELTS course in order to go abroad for further studies. English language opens several doors of job opportunities in the foreign countries.

All in all, English subject which I am learning since my childhood fascinates me very much. It is helping me to make my future more and more bright.

Sample 2:-

Well! I read lot of subjects in my school time and further studies. But now, I have to ask to speak about the subject that fascinates me. I read mathematics from my 1st standard to 10 standards. Until the 5th standard, I used to hate this subject. I was never very good at it. But in 6th standard, Mr. Avneet Singh became my maths teacher who was really polite and never lose her temper on me, even I went to ask her again and again.

Time had passed and I get my concept fully. So, I was able to understand the logic of maths and it created my interest in maths. Actually, she developed our interest by doing some maths activities and games. We would have worksheets to solve in which riddles and interesting patterns were given. She used to give chocolates to the winners. In this way, I got interested in maths from the 6th standard till now and maths became my favorite subject.

Now, I teach maths to my neighbor’s children who are in the 5th or 6th standard. Math is an important to subject that we have learned in our school time and it’s important to fully understand this because we use this in our daily life. It makes our life orderly and prevents chaos. The more mathematical we are in our approach, the more successful we live in.

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