The Graph Below Shows a Survey Result of 4000 Participants Who Expressed What Important Aspects

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The graph below shows a survey result of 4000 participants who expressed what essential aspects they have learned from the internship they have completed. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and comparing where relevant.

The graph below shows a survey result of 4000 participants who expressed what important aspects

The information regarding the research outcome of 4000 participants and what significance they have acquired from the internship is portrayed by a rendered pie chart. The data has been calibrated in percentage.

Overall, it is manifested that a minuscule proportion of aspirants learnt Teamwork on vacation whilst the maximum per cent of learners learned practical knowledge throughout the period.

After analyzing, it can be seen that there was a negligible difference between practical knowledge and communication skills of nearly 1 %. Howbeit, approximately one-tenth of the students acquire Real work experience in their training time, which witnessed a decline of 3 per cent in the work environment and escalated to 10 per cent in understanding industry.

Probing ahead, individuals who learnt time management and work operation were identical to each other by nearly one-tenth. Nonetheless, it declined by 4 per cent. Nevertheless, the people who learned different skills in their apprenticeship top the list while 7 per cent of the masses learnt planning for a future career path.

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