Your American Friends Are Going to A City You Have Just Visited

Your American friends are going to a city you have just visited. Write a letter to them about your experiences there and make recommendations. In your letter:

  • Say what they should see and do there.
  • Make recommendations about food and drink.
  • Give any other recommendations you feel are appropriate.

Dear Sam and John,

I feel ecstatic to get acquainted that you’ll be visiting Kashmir during your vacation in June. I recently saw that place with my family; it was one of the most beautiful trips I have ever experienced. I would like to share some of my thoughts and suggestions.

Firstly, you can reach Srinagar from Delhi by flight and then take a cab to Pahalgam. You’ll have exotic landscapes of mountains, and it is the best place for hiking. You can hike for around 4 hours to reach the Ganges Lake. This water source is renowned for river rafting, and I propose you hire a boat for noteworthy rafting and breathtaking scenery.

Furthermore, we stayed at Le Paradise resort, and its hospitality is exceptionally distinguishable. They’re prominent for scrumptious international cuisines, including portions of pasta, noodles and desserts. The apple milkshake is renowned, and it is optimal to consume intermittently during the trip in order to maintain a good appetite as it is situated at an altitude of 5000 meters above sea level.

In addition, since you’ll be participating in rigorous activities, it is better to pack a set of boots, shoes, and gloves. If it’s feasible, take a raincoat rather than an umbrella.

Let me know if you require any other details, and I hope you have got a fantastic journey.

Best Regards,

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