The Maps Below Show University Sports Courts in 1990 and Now

The maps below show university sports courts in 1990 and now. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The maps below show university sports courts in 1990 and now

The maps below illustrate the changes that have occurred to the sports courts of a particular university from 1990 to now.

Overall, a dramatic change can be seen between the two recorded periods, with the only two structures remaining constant between the two years are the cafe and the reception. Significant development can be seen from 1990, where the car park and park are converted into a tennis court and basketball court respectively. In addition, a fitness centre has also been added to the current sports courts.

In the initial period of 1990, the underdeveloped sports courts had a non-sports section on the left, constituting a park and just beneath of which a car park is located. On the right of the sports courts, however, an outdoor pool is present too, and to its left, a cafe and reception can be seen. After the reception, at the bottom, a changing room is located and immediately beneath it, there are two tennis courts.

Currently, the space on the left has been completely utilized for sports purposes. The park has been substituted with a basketball court at the top, the car park just behind it has been replaced with four tennis courts where only two of which was present in 1990. However, the right side of the university’s sports courts has also undergone some changes. While the initial outdoor pool is now an indoor pool, the changing room has been shifted to the Centre just above the fitness centre, which is a new addition to ten sports courts. The reception and the cafe have remained unchanged since 1990.

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