The Picture Below Shows the Museum’s Plant in 1998 and After Some Changes Were Made in 2008: AC Writing Task 1

The picture below shows the museum’s plant in 1998 and after some changes were made in 2008. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make relevant comparisons.

The picture below shows the plant of the museum in 1998 and after some changes were made in 2008

The diagrams display a museum layout in 1998 compared to new construction in 2008 after some renovations.

Overall, it is immediately apparent that there have been a number of changes in the 2008 layout, ranging from the restaurants, cafes, garden, shops and so on.

To begin with, in 1998, there was no restaurant in the northeastern corner of the museum; however, in the new layout in 2008, there was an introduction of a restaurant, with an addition of a temporary exhibition room which used to be located at the southwestern part of the 1998 plan. The 2008 plan created a shop and a place to keep bags and coats in the southwest part of the museum.

Again, in the centre of the 1998 layout was a garden. However, in constructing the 2008 museum, the central part now occupies a garden, fountains and a cafe sitting area. The permanent exhibition room and the ticket entrance remain unchanged in both layouts.

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