The Pie Chart Below Shows Energy Is Used in a Typical Australian

The pie chart below shows energy is used in a typical Australian household, and the table shows the amount of electricity used according to the number of occupants. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The Pie Chart Below Shows Energy Is Used in a Typical Australian

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The provided pie charts demonstrate the percentage of 7 different usages of energy in the household in Australia and table illustrates the number of people in the house wise per year used electricity, and it is on yearly basis and data given in kilowatt-hours.

Overall, the most usage on hearing and cooking and water heating while on stand by the power used was on the least. Additionally, with the rising person in the house, kWh is also increasing.

A quarter proportion of energy use on water heating by Australian citizen while for heating and cooking usage is 38%. Fridge and freezer and lighting usage have the same percentage on account of 7%, and just above that proportion is other applicants. 3% and 4% used on stand by power and cooking respectively.

The most used kWh per year is 12000 to 16000 kWh when 6 or more people lived in the same house in Australia; however, below a half usage was a single person. Usage of 2 people had 6000 to 8000kwt, and if 3 people lived then, it used between 7500 to 10000.

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  1. Premjith Ps

    The given pie chart represent the proportion of house hold energy used in Australia home in kilo watt-hours.
    Overall, it is evident from the chart that the topest usage of household energy in heating and cooling. Additionally, with the amount of electricity used huge in rising person in the house as well kwh is also escalating.
    In case of heating and cooling, Australian citizen used 38% of energy. Moreover, the proportion diminished to 25% in water heating. Surprisingly, the energy consumed by fridges and freezer and lighting was same as 7%. But, in cooking it was slightly decline to 3%. However, there was a rapid change in other appliances about 16%.
    Beside that, amount of electricity used in a typical Australia home was seen more over in 6 person in the house at 12000-16000 kwh. Where as, below a half usage in single person usage of 2 member had 6000 to 8000 kwh, and 7500 to 10,000 kwh merely by 3 person.

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