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The Table Below Gives Information on UK Acid Rain Emissions, Measured in Millions of Tonnes

The Table Below Gives Information on UK Acid Rain Emissions, Measured in Millions of Tonnes

The table below gives information on UK acid rain emissions, measured in millions of tonnes, from four different sectors between 1990 and 2007. Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information shown below. Make comparisons where relevant.

The chart illustrates the acid rain outflow in four several sections in the UK over 17 years.

Overall, It is immediately apparent from the chart, The maximum acid rain emission produced from electricity, gas, and water supply followed a negative trend. Therefore, the domestic sector contributed a nominal ratio for acid rain in the time frame of 17 years.

To begin with, electricity, gas, and water supply were the prominent causes of acid rains in the UK began at nearby 3.5 M tonnes when it was actually at its peak and it to fell fairly Steadily until ground in 1999. When it reached about 1 MT, after this, the ratio fluctuated to around 0.5 Mt.The situation in other industries was a little bit similar to this. In 1991, the acid rain emission rate Shot up Sharply from 20 to 1.5 MT, which amounts to plummeting to 0.5 MT over a very short period of time. However, acid rain discharge in the Uk continues to decline at its pace and reached between 1.5 to 1MT in 2007.

Furthermore, the transport and communication sector began at approximately 0.6 MT of acid rain in 1991 and slightly increased steadily until it reached 1MT in 2003, but this value sharply declined and touched 0.5 MT in is interesting to note that the least acid rain emission from the domestic section with shares at 0.5 MT and followed the same ratio after in 10 years this number got plunged after nine years period of fluctuation, the total value stabilized at roughly 0.1 MT in 2007.

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