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The Table Shows the Percentage of People with Mobile Phones: AC Writing Task 1

The Table Shows the Percentage of People with Mobile Phones AC Writing Task 1 (1)

The table shows the percentage of people with mobile phones who use various features on their phones.

The bar chart illustrates the proportion of mobile users who utilize the various characters of their electronic gadgets.

Overall, it is immediately apparent from the chart that the feature of making calls was immensely used by the people in three years, while there was no data found of the individual who used Phones for Internet and recording video purpose.

In detail, 100% of mobile holders used their phones to make calls in 2006, and this amount remained untouched after two years, but this value declined by 1% in 2010. following this, people utilized the feature of taking photos on their mobile gadgets, with shares at 66% in 2006, and this amount surged by 5% after two years. Surprisingly, 76% of people used electronic phones to capture images in 2010. moreover, in 2006, 73% of individuals sent and received text messages on their phones, and this value inclined to 79% after four years.

Furthermore, some people who played games on their smartphones began at 17%, and this number skyrocketed to 42% in 2008. it is interesting to note that those people who use their phones for the Internet had no data found in 2006, but after two years, this value was recorded at 41% and gradually shot up to 73% in 2010. moreover, 12% of individuals used their mobile phones for music in 2006, and this ratio inclined to 18% in 2008. finally, 26% of people listened to music on their smartphones in 2010

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