The Use of Social Media Is Replacing Face-to-face Interaction Among Many People in Society

The use of social media is replacing face-to-face interaction among many people in society. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Over the last century, humankind got huge thrives in applied science. These days, usage of social media has become part of our routine lives, which is replacing physical contact with others in the community. I believe that the given notion carries more pros than drawbacks; my inclination will be justified in the following paragraphs, along with the logical conclusion.

There are various advantages of social media usage. First and foremost, social networking is the platform that synchronizes all people together without geographical boundaries. In other words, in this contemporary era, the majority of people have a hectic work schedule, so there are very few occasions where they can socialize. By using social sites, they can interconnect with friends and relatives by chatting or video call. Secondly, social media is also the platform for becoming a famous person by making unique content or post. In India, for instance, a number of content creators became famous via Facebook and Tiktok kinds of social sites. Thus, it also yields frame and fortune in any case. Finally, this is a good platform for receiving information and news; additionally, it is free of cost and aid in being up to date.

However, over-limit use of the social platform is deleterious for a person. After starting the use of social websites, myriad of people become addicted to it because it allure people easily. In 2016, For example, as per a survey conducted by ‘Times of New York’, 42% of American children were addicted to social sites, which resulted in their bad performance in the final exam. Another disadvantage is that when they do not meet others face to face periodically, it affects their relationship even sometimes spoil it.

In conclusion, since the usage of social media is rising day by day, it is observed that it was reducing face to face conversation. I believe that the advantages of it outweigh the cons, social media has put all people under one roof, and it saves time and resources while it also spoils people and their relationships sometimes.

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