These Days, Many People Like to Watch Live Performances (like Shows or Concerts) at Home

These Days, Many People Like to Watch Live Performances (like Shows or Concerts) at Home, Either on TV or On a Computer, Instead of Attending in Person. Do the Advantages of This Trend Outweigh Its Disadvantages?

There are more and more people who prefer to watch events on their electronic devices rather than attend live shows. In my opinion, while there are some compelling reasons to do that, the consequences far outweigh the benefits.

On the one hand, watching a live performance broadcast on TV is a convenient and money-saving choice. Firstly, people don’t need to reserve tickets and long-distance journeys for live shows. When people join crowded venues, they will face risks of accidents like injuries and pushing and shoving, as well as criminal activities like theft or pickpocketing. Secondly, while tickets to live shows are very expensive, watching live concerts at home is more affordable and even cost-free for the audience. This helps many people with limited financial means access such captivating entertainment. As a result, a televised performance has many advantages for becoming famous.

On the other hand, becoming a part of a live concert is exceedingly captivating in many aspects. Live shows and their atmosphere with thousands of people and high-quality sound always evoke profound emotions in participants. As a part of an enthusiastic crowd, people can experience passion to the fullest, which they cannot find in recorded shows. Live concerts are also good choices to make friends who share the same interests. Moreover, attendees can get closer to their idols, interact, and express their admiration. For instance, when Blackpink was scheduled to perform in Vietnam in July for no more than a day, the concert sold out completely. This shows the love of fans for their band.

In conclusion, I believe that despite the advantages of a broadcast show, attending a concert in person offers a more fascinating experience.

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