Today, Many People Do Not Realise the Importance of The Natural World

Today, Many People Do Not Realise the Importance of The Natural World. Why Is This? How Can People Be Encouraged to Learn More About how Important the Natural World Is?

Sample 1 Today, Many People Do Not Realise the Importance of The Natural World

Undeniably, some people do not realize the importance of the environment. It has many reasons for this scenario; in this essay, I intend to delve into the right reason and solution to the encouragement of people to save the environment.

To begin with, there are numerous reasons why some people do not realize the importance of the natural world. First, they live in a materialistic society and follow the use-and-throw culture. This shows the symbols of their status and becomes a part of their lives. Thus, their activities, directly and indirectly, affect nature in many ways. For example, plastic bags and bottles are dumped in seawater or the ocean after their use and take hundreds of years to become biodegradable material. The second one is their lack of awareness about the environment and using the product. In other words, some people do not know much about how their daily activity affects nature or even sometimes do not bother themselves with recycling products. As a result, their behaviours negatively affect the natural world.

On the other hand, there is a lot of way with the help of these people can be aware of learning about the protection of the atmosphere. Firstly, the Government can arrange a program to spread awareness about recycling and not to use non-biodegradable materials. For instance, in Denmark, people gain resentment when they use public transportation three times a week to avoid pollution in the air. Secondly, media may be used to spread awareness among people, like films and discovery shows about nature protection can be shown to the public.

In conclusion, in my opinion, a lack of knowledge about environmental protection and a materialistic society is the main reason for not realizing of importance of the natural world. At the same time, this can be solved by authority influence and media aid.

Sample 2 Today, Many People Do Not Realise the Importance of The Natural World

Nowadays, people do not talk much about the natural world and do not put effort into the environment. People must learn about the importance of the natural world because that is where everyone can also live. It is important for the future perspective further, which I am going to explain in my writing.

Back to the topic, nowadays people do not have much time for the environment and do not take proper care of nature people have become careless. They throw plastic bottles and bags anywhere. It causes damage to our planet. Technology introduces many new factories for the production of goods. Because of this, it harms our environment and its effects on global warming. Many new Skyscrapers stand in this world for the construction of this may affect the nature and chances of earthquakes appearing. This could lead to a problem for the future generation. Also, many new diseases appear in this world because of the cutting of the jungle and trees on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, the way to tell the people why nature is a hot topic government must spread proper awareness among the people. The Government can maintain a nature help camp around the city to spread awareness and proper information through the internet and TV. Government must ban plastic bags, and bigger companies must change packing bags from plastic to paper because the paper is recyclable, but plastic cannot. Government should be imposed fine on the use of plastic and harmful products for nature.

In conclusion, it is both the Government and the people to contribute properly to prevent our environment from problems because it is important for our future generations also people have to be more aware and take proper steps to save nature.

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