Universities Should Accept Equal Numbers of Male and Female Students in Every Subject: Writing Task 2

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Universities should accept equal numbers of male and female students in every subject. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It goes without saying that gender equality is such a debating point this day, where people argue and demand gender equality in every aspect. Both men and women are capable of doing similar events in a modern community. In every course in the institution, the same proportion of both genders will be considered in this theme. However, I agree with the statement; I would like to explicate it at length in the paragraph to come.

To begin with, institutions consider one platform, which students like to enrol themselves without any discrimination and takes a member of male and female, is because it will promote gender equality. For instance, in Australia, to implement the rule that four universities must be rolled the same number of students without looking at gender. This is because Australia needs a massive workforce to improve its economic level. Therefore, higher places of study should admit an equal number of youngsters in every subject.

Secondly, single-sex education has numerous drawbacks. Firstly, boys and girls are unable to get an experience of interacting with the opposite sex, thus leading children to lack confidence while engaging with errands at the same time of place. For example, in Canada, all the university provides an equal batch of subjects to children and have better output rather than in other countries that believe in limited subjects for gender. Add it, and the university should have diversity in several students; in the past, there was no option available for women in studies; hence they suffered from massive consequences in life. Such as, there are rules in Afghanistan on education, which are women unable to get enrolled in medical subjects themselves until they get married.

To put it in a nutshell, a pen down saying that there are no seamless boundaries in education institutions. Higher institutions must be enrolled in all courses without evaluating genders. Therefore, both males and females have the freedom to opt for their studies with their choices.

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