What Are the Reasons for Declines of Wild Animals

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What are the reasons for declines of wild animals? What are possible solutions to mitigate this problem?

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Animals are an integral part of our eco-system. However, it is irrefutable that the percentage of wild animals are reducing rapidly from the last half-century. There are numerous of a reason behind it. I will elaborate on these reason and effective steps which help to protect wildlife.

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First and foremost reason behind it is deforestation. Nowadays the human population is increasing day by day so that the demand for society also rise than supply. as a result of it, people need more accommodation, food, industries, and a better lifestyle in order to fulfill all these desires they cut the natural habitat of animals. Secondly, hunting is also a big concern in animals downward trend. Some segment of society killed the wild animals for their our benefits Such as, for decorating their house or office, cosmetics,  clothes. In other words, Some people use tiger skin for an interior of their house, tusks of elephants also use for import and export to gain profit. Thus, Individuals put wildlife in danger for their own benefits.

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What are the reasons for declines of wild animals.Animals are an integral part of our eco-system. However, it is irrefutable that the percentage There is some possible solution to solve this problem. first of all, Individual and government should co-operate with each other. To illustrate if anyone saw a wild animal in a living area then they should inform the forest department first instead of beating them. Moreover, the government should enact some strict law against hunting or cutting the trees. last but not least, everyone should plant more and more tree to give natural habitat to animals.


To conclude, deforestation and the overcrowded area is the main reasons for decreasing the wild animals but it is quite important to protect them and this is only possible with the co-operation of society. If they do not save them new then new generation cannot see them in the future.

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