Why More Young People Study Abroad than In Their Home Country

Discuss the reasons why more young people study abroad than in their home country.

It is true that the psyche and thoughts of humankind change over time. The number of learners who prefer to studying abroad has been rising rapidly in the past few years. In this essay, I will discuss its reasons in the following paragraphs and a logical conclusion.

There are several reasons why students choose foreign colleges and universities. First and foremost, their educational standard is higher than their home country. Pupils get more depth of knowledge from pedagogical tutors. For instance, as per one survey conducted by Times of India, 36% of students who go foreign countries is for mastering and research kind for subjects such as doctors and engineers. Additionally, in developed countries, life standard is also high, and after completing education, they live a better quality of life. In other words, primary prioritise counties are developed, such as the USA, Australia, Canada, where infrastructure is also developed.

Secondly, job opportunity is far better than home country especially for those students whose mother country is under development or poor. After education, skilled students get a job easily and earn or get hefty salary whereas, in own nation, job scope and the salary rate is lower. Furthermore, going to foreign countries for learning also gives social frame thus, many parents also stimulate their children to go.

In conclusion, despite different expenses, get an education from abroad college or university yields high job scope, and they live a better quality of life than the host country. In my view, the advantages of foreign study outweigh the drawbacks.

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