Wild Animals Have No Place in The 21st Century, so Protecting Them Is a Waste of Resources

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Wild animals have no place in the 21st century, so protecting them is a waste of resources. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1 Wild Animals Have No Place in The 21st Century, so Protecting Them Is a Waste of Resources

In this cutting-edge epoch, there are varieties of fauna that reside in zoos and sanctuaries, and it is typically believed that preserving them would be a waste of existing resources. However, I vehemently disaccord with the assertion, and I will elucidate my perspectives in the forthcoming paragraphs with credible illustrations.

Scrutinizing the given statement and elaborating further, in this contemporary era, it is substantially claimed that safeguarding wild animals is an unnecessary squander of energy and time. Nevertheless, they play a pivotal role in our ecosystem and the existence of mankind. They are crucial for maintaining a balance in the biological lifecycle by consuming herbivores. Once they are dead, their flesh is eaten by a plethora of microorganisms and then decomposed into the soil, which acts as a natural fertilizer. For instance, if the earth is deprived of wild creatures, then the pet animals would grow tremendously, and they might require enormous resources for their survival which eventually impacts the livelihood of humans. Therefore, carnivores are essential for having an appropriate balance in the environment.

Probing ahead, these animals must be either placed in zoos or roam around freely in forests. This gradually contributes to the growth of flora in the environment. Furthermore, pollution can be massively controlled with the rapid increase of natural vegetation. Forests are crucial for suppressing all toxic gases in the atmosphere. They are a habitat of a diverse range of trees which are fruitful to the everyday necessities for people. To exemplify, Amazon forests in South America inhabit multifarious trees that supply various raw materials and shelter to numerous wild creatures. If these animals are not appropriately preserved, then herbivores will feed on these florae, and the earth will soon be deprived of natural vegetation. Hence, it is critical to safeguard wild animals.

Considering everything, it is incredibly significant for the public to take measures and preserve wild creatures as they maintain a balance in the ecosystem and provide the required resources for human beings.

Sample 2 Wild Animals Have No Place in The 21st Century, so Protecting Them Is a Waste of Resources

It is ostensible that in the era of globalisation. The importance of wild animals has become an integral part of the ecosystem to manage the world conveniently. The situation worsens without animals, and this problem poses a severe threat to human existence. A generally accepted theory is that animals will be removed from the ecosystem in the modern world because it consumes lots of assets or resources that are not helpful to use. I disagree with that this cannot be avoided. Unfortunately, this practice brings drastic consequences to human life. Therefore, I tend to believe that growing hunting can be tamed. I would like to explicate it comprehensively in the paragraphs to come.

It is implicit that in the quest for development, man has harmed wildlife or natural resources quite considerably. Wild hunting of animals and its repercussions or now an open secret. Most organisations use natural resources for their benefit, which leads to ruining the life of animals. Put in other words, in this contemporary era, animals play a significant role in preserving the species of humans because numerous products or medicines go through extreme trials which are held on animals for safety measures. For instance, thousands of products and drugs such as leather, faux, cosmetics even durable materials get from animals. Suppose people are unable to attain attention to these creatures. In that case, the world will be deprived of the abundance of amenities that the majority of the population utilise in their day-to-day life. In addition, each species of the animal kingdom play a vital role, and it ultimately depends on another animal to survive. As a result, wild animals also preserve and look after the forest better than humans.

Another important reason is that protecting wild animals even seem from extinction ensures a prosperous future on a sustainable planet for the next generation. To be clear, animals are bliss for modern communities, and every form of life is an essential part of the ecosystem. The extinction of one animal species may disturb the balance of the ecological community, which leads to human life being at stake. For example, uncontrollable reinforced practices would lead to trace consequences because trees produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide and toxic gases on a large scale. If beastie does not save by humans, all the natural resources and forests will be destroyed, and natural habitats are going to defunct.

To conclude, I feel that human beings should be responsible for preserving incredible creatures because it gives ample benefits to human life and maintains the living standard of every species that lives on this planet.

Sample 3 Wild Animals Have No Place in The 21st Century, so Protecting Them Is a Waste of Resources

Undoubtedly, wildlife is a precious gift of god to this planet. However, it is believed by some individuals that there is no need to protect wildlife by making efforts because, in the 21st century, land is scarce due to industrialisation. I disagree with this viewpoint because I believe that wildlife is as essential As human beings owing to its maintenance of the ecosystem and numerous advantages to the human being in the form of medicines and other products.

To begin with, there are enormous causes behind my agreement towards protecting wild animals. The predominant one is that animals play a mandatory role in maintaining ecological balance, a necessary virtue in the ecosystem. In this way, animals are connected with each other through the food chain. If a single wild species get extinct from the ecosystem, it may disturb the whole food chain and ultimately result in disasters for human being seeing. It can be exemplified by the example of bees which play an indispensable role in the growth of certain crops due to their Pollen carrying roles. If bees are reduced in numbers, the growth of food crops would definitely be lower due to a lack of pollination. Similarly, if these species increase in numbers, it can adversely affect the ecological balance.

Furthermore, the second advantage of wild animals is they are helpful in providing various kinds of medicine and product extracted from animals. To add to it, in terms of medicinal values, there are plenty of medicines which are taken from the extracts of animal species which are rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Today, there are a lot of research has been carried out by researchers, and they found such animal species beneficial for various kinds of deadly diseases such as cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Therefore if wildlife is not protected today, there will soon be a time when the human race will also be in great danger.

After evaluating the different aspects of this notion, it can be stated that wildlife is on the verge of extinction today, and it is the need of the day to preserve various wild species that are beneficial for the ecosystem and medicinal values by using different resources.

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