General Reading Practice Test 6 Wind Energy ,gwyn House ,the Cleanex Washing Machine ,westtel Communications

general reading practice test 6 Wind Energy ,GWYN HOUSE ,The Cleanex Washing Machine ,WESTTEL COMMUNICATIONS ,Courses at The Westley Centre for Adult Education ,

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Wind Energy

People have taken advantage of wind energy for years. Images of milling corn and transporting water present a familiar picture of English countryside and in the past innumerable wooden mills could be located around England. Now countries are planning for when fossil fuels run out and they are considering wind again to supply us with a future energy source. Using energy from the wind is also an easy and efficient method for countries to fulfil their commitments concerning emissions of greenhouse gases. Many European states, with their long winters and little sunshine, now favour wind power over solar-based methods of producing power. For example, last year Germany increased capacity by 44%. Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom are examples of other
countries with large wind power capacity.
As the windiest country in Europe, the United Kingdom’s wind power potential is larger than the rest of Europe put together. Half of this resource is in Scotland. The UK’s government has promised to generate 10% of their electricity using renewable resources. Wind power is seen to be the answer to doing this. The UK has issued wind farm licences to produce as much electricity as about six nuclear power stations. This policy has found favour with the public who support the search for cleaner energy sources.

Courses at The Westley Centre for Adult Education

Whether it’s belly dancing, wine tasting, starting a business or fishing, the WCAE offers more than 100 courses that will improve your quality of life in more ways than one. Below there is a selection of some of the courses that we have on offer. Have a look and see if you find a course that might interest you. Check our website for the full list of courses on offer and tuition fees. All classes take place at the Centre unless specified.

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