Write a Letter to the Manager to Ask for Permission if You Would Like to Participate in a New Program

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Write a letter to the manager to ask for permission if you would like to participate in a new program. In your letter, you should:-

  • Give details of the program
  • Why it is useful for you
  • How it will benefit your work.

Dear Sir,

I am writing to inform you that I would like to participate in the “Advances of Cloud Computing” training. This event is held annually by the Microsoft organization to encourage software engineers to extend their knowledge over various cloud platforms and helps in improving and updating their skills. It takes place in the first week of next month, and it is conducted virtually. When I am away during the training, I ensure to organize my work and, if required, compensate on the immediate weekend.

Though I have a good experience in coding, Cloud computing has been the current trend in recent years. Hence active participation in this training will improve my overall expertise. The certificate of completion provided at the end, of course, increases my strength and makes a great impact on my profile. The study materials given at the end will be beneficial throughout my career.

As we are entitled to do much automation in our daily activities, learning these courses will be an added advantage.

We will have extraordinary visibility in representing our work to the clients.

Yours faithfully,

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