You Attended a Meeting Last Week, but You Were Not Happy with The Hotel Which You Stayed In

You attended a meeting last week, but you were not happy with the hotel which you stayed in. Write a letter to the organizer who booked the hotel for you. In your letter, you should tell:-

  • what the problems were?
  • what you didn’t like about the hotel?
  • what do you want the organizer to do?

Dear Sir,

I am Amit Dhupar, Working as an Electrical Engineer in Engineering department of your Company. I attended the meeting last week, organized by you on the topic of technological advancement in Green Energy. During the meeting period, My stay was organized at The Leela hotel for the duration of 2 days. I am writing this letter to give you feedback on the services provided by the Hotel management.

The meeting was knowledge full with deep insight into the technological changes going on in the market to adapt safer and greener future. This event also gave us the opportunity to meet with other professionals and share our knowledge on the given topic.

After the meeting, I approached the Leela Hotel as per the schedule and found that the Hotel staff was not supportive. At first, they denied my advance booking and forced me to wait for approximately 1 hour. After so much discussion and follow up, they confirmed my advance booking and allotted me the room. The room was dirty and having lack of basic necessities. Room service was not responsive enough to tackle all these issues.

Room service shall at least respond once they receive a call from the customer. Also, they should have details of all the check-in customers to avoid delays in their schedule. I request you to check with the Hotel management and tell them to ensure that all corrective measures are in place so that our next visit shall be without any hindrance or otherwise, change our booking to some other hotel next time.

Yours Sincerely

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