Today Family Members Eat Fewer Meals Together

Today family members eat fewer meals together. Why is this? Is this a positive or negative trend?

In today’s era, we all are running in the rat race and have little time to spend with our families. Especially in metropolitan areas, where most of the time is wasted in traffic while on route to/from the office. In addition to this, people use to spend most of their time on social networking websites or chat messaging apps, which further reduces the time we generally spend with family. Even though we are sitting in the same room, all family members are busy on their cellphones. They are not talking to each other while sitting in the same room. This is becoming a common situation nowadays due to the high indulgence of technology in people’s life.

Although we do not have much time to spend with family as stated, I personally believe that all family members should have their meals together while keeping their cellphones aside. Spending time with family during meals enhances the bond between family members, and we do share things that we would not do otherwise. Chatting with family members while sitting at the dining table will give you confidence and make your family unite even in the toughest time of your life.

However, this practice is not being followed nowadays, because of the infiltration of technology in our personal life, which is increasing day by day. We are spending more time online rather than talking to people sitting next to us in the same room. Many studies suggest that spending time online, in the longer run, leads to depression. The person will become more habitual to the artificial world, which can not provide those feeling and affections that we need as a human. It is worth noting that Human is social animals by nature, and we do need people around us to talk and share our feelings. The use of technology shall be limited to the extent that it shall not disturb our personal life.

To conclude this, I believe that eating meals together in a family is imperative for all family members and is dire need of children to know about ideology and culture of the family by discussions and talks while having meals together.

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